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Cycles of Life and Death

Reflecting on the cycles of life and death through drawing

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As I discern my next career steps, one perspective to consider is, “In light of knowing I will die someday, how should I live?” Taking it one step further, how might you consider that question without living from a place of fear?

In this piece, I explore these questions from the perspective of cycles. We live in a world with a linear view of time and productivity, where everything is moving "forward" and has a finite beginning and an end. In contrast, there’s the “cyclical” view of time: the days that turn into nights, the seasons, the cycles of birth and death.

Sometimes considering time as a circle rather than a line can sometimes bring a certain peace. Read on>>

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

From photographer Sally Mann's memoir, Hold Still: “For me, living is the same thing as dying, and loving is the same thing as losing, and this does not make me a madwoman; I believe it can make me better at living, and better at loving, and, just possibly, better at seeing."

Tell us about your work experience:

Artist and product manager, formerly at Twitter and Google. Received a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford. Certified yoga instructor.


Bernadette Cay, charcoal and pencil on kraft paper. Inspirations include a photo by Len dela Cruz.


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