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Creativity: it’s in every one of us, right up to life’s end.

Creativity is the gift that can overcome limitations – whether physical or cognitive. Its positive impact has a ripple effect. .

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Right up until life’s end, we each need to feel purposeful, valued and able to contribute to the best of our abilities.   This is food for the 'soul and spirit' As Dr Bill Thomas says in the documentary, Alive Inside – about the impact of music on dementia patients – ‘medicine is good at adjusting dials: your blood pressure is too high.. we’ll just adjust that dial. Medicine does nothing for the soul.”

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Look beyond the ‘medical’ to design the end of life journey and process building a creative component into every aspect.

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Entrepreneur, with a passion for and focus on identifying gaps in patient-centered communication. My current focus: end of life from a layperson's point of view. The result:


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I love the videos you've posted! I provided music therapy for a community-based Dementia Group a few years back and it was phenomenal. Singing and playing songs known to the participants while also providing percussion instruments so they could join in, had amazing results. Combined with taking a genuine interest in each person and their life, and making positive statements such as "we're going to have a great day today", "it's really good to see you", and " I'm glad you came today", etc, the enjoyment and involvement was obvious from day one, but by the end of six months relatives of group members spontaneously commented that "this is the best she's ever been" and "she is so much more well now". I concur with the power of music to transport, support, comfort, relax, enthuse, focus, remember, heal...

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Many thanks for props, Rohena - and for sharing your corroborating experience (love it). It's a mystery to me why - with the cost savings/huge benefit factor - using music and the arts isn't considered a no brainer.