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Breaking the death taboo (to the nth degree!)

What might the conversation be like if the death taboo was totally broken and gone?!

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Let's imagine a place; a place where death is the new life.

Where everything is viewed according to its proximity to the end of our days rather than the beginning. "Glad you woke up today, who knows what could have happened in the night. It might have been your time!" (Said with enthusiasm.)

"We all die, you know, some of us just get there quicker."

"My Aunty was the first one to die in the whole family! She was only 30."

"Ohh, we haven't had anyone who's died're SO lucky."

"It's going to be so awesome when we die, hey?"

"No more going to school or homework; no more work at all!"

"How do you think you'll die? And what if you make it to old age: what will you do then?"

"It's so hard to plan with all these rules: 'we can't do it ourselves or we're disqualified'."

"Yep, waiting for it to happen naturally. It's almost depressing."

"So what are you planning, then?"

"If I grow up I'm going to buy a unit in the same block as my mates. Then if something happens, we'll all be there to enjoy it!"

"Wow, that is such a good idea. I wonder if I could do that too...?"

"Yeah, I reckon everyone can. You just need to do well in exams then get a good job, so you can die really well! Like, how about a sunroof over the bedroom, so if you end up bed-ridden you'll have the perfect view."

"Ooh, I like that. I'm thinking about one of those know, like a mini-crane that carries me to the bathroom. No stress for my family."

"That's a great idea! Hey, I wonder if we could pay a third or quarter each? It would be totally amazing if two of us were dying at once...but it never happens like that, hey? That way we could have the crane-thing ready for whoever needs it first-"

"-and share it throughout our lives. That's perfect! I wonder how soon we could get a four-way mortgage?"...

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

A light-hearted version of what no-death-taboo could look like. To explore: what unintended consequences might there be if the 'death taboo' is broken completely? What if kids see the benefit of euthanasia in the family and taking such actions becomes the new norm?

Tell us about your work experience:

Social Work: I worked in the Ageing & Disability sector for a while, providing a range of services at different places, incl Music Therapy for members of the Dementia Group & activities for frail aged


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What if we spent as much time and resources planning our death as we do a wedding, or graduation or birth of a child?

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Exactly! Another significant milestone. Thanks, Sherri.