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Associating death with Completion instead of End

Redefining death and associating it with completion, can change the way people look and feel about it.

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   More often than not we associate Death with The End. An end which is abrupt and unwarranted, and painful to some. One of the many reasons for this association is  none of us think about death as inevitable, or put more honestly, none of us think about death itself. Every one of us have plans for years to come, a unique goal to reach and promises to deliver, but one thing that unites all of us is, the pattern of comfortably ignoring the fact that we are mortal. That doesn't mean, I am declaring a crisis, asking people not to plan or just live with fear of death. So how can we change the game of life and death. 

   I am no  psychologist and  I don't have a brand new methodology. It's the same old one that we would find in almost all the self help videos and books- Begin with the end in mind. Planning and organizing ourselves with short term goals with intermediate achievements, would help us with a sense of completion at each stage of our lives. What this means to me is although in case of  me meeting "My completion"  before I reach the long term goal, I would have with me, the intermediate achievements to cherish upon, unlike mourning for having not achieved  anything  had I been with one long term goal. 

    It would be game changing, if we could bring up the next generation and to some extend course correct ourselves by asking them/ourselves, "What would you like to be remembered for" instead of asking them "Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane". Although both the questions need them to think about the future, the former would give them deep insights about themselves, thus changing the way they see living -the mortal life and immortal life. Well, yes! It is not a mistake, I did write 'immortal life', a phrase I consider as, one which explains how we are remembered after Death. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

In my view, Redefining End of Life Experience needs us to revisit our goals, aspirations and the path we are taking to achieve them, thus inspiring folks to at least construct a life plan, if not they abide by, which could have inclusive development and harmony. A much needed change in a world every one is running faster and faster behind material gains, with little consideration of values.

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