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Alive but Dead

The absence, the broken bond of a loved one can feel like death, even if it is not Physical But in this burden she found her Moto

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Daniela, a young professional woman starts our conversation mentioning that she has not experienced death from a close person but she does remember some end of life experiences, from those relatives that were not close, she didn't felt a thing but when the Mother of her Mother died; Daniela's pain came from watching her Mom suffer, not really because an actual bond existed with her grandmother.

But Because of talks around this topic, she realized that she already lived a death experience, a hard one with her Dad...alive but dead.

When she was a kid she had a difficult time with her Dad.  Daniela didn't want to mention specifics on that matter, but these issues made her terminate, end the relationship with him. When she started describing her feelings her voice started to break, there is sadness, absence, the need to share with someone that is not there and that won't be there, the feeling of abandonment "like without a father". But at the end even after trying to be close to him, without success, a girl becomes a woman and promises to that man to do something great with her life and her story. The woman arises. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

- we all share similar stories - end of life experiences make people connect, to open immediately - we connect through emotions - we connect through identification or finding similarities - our context and culture determine how we experience death

Tell us about your work experience:

I studied Marketing and have a Master In Business Innovation, I get easily people's trust. I am the person making the questions instead of the talking . I am grateful of who I am.

If you participated in an End of Life Storytelling Event, tell us which Chapter or city you came from:

I am the interviewer at the MEXICO City Event @wayra


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