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After Died

I appeal to people keep away from cigarettes, cherish your life!

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I forgot where I heard this story, but I really feel it touch my heart.

This story is about a person who died in the hospital. His soul above his bed, he looks at himself and cannot accept his life is over. Suddenly, a deity animal opens the door of intensive care unit. The god’s animal wants to take the spirit of the deceased. The person stop there, he still wore on his face that dull, dead look of half-unconscious suffering. The deity animal walks to him and offer him a cigarette. The person looks uncertain, “I stay in the intensive care unit, can I…” “You’re already dead.” The deity animal says. He lit the cigarette, and his face with a rueful smile.

The person seats on the floor and smoked in silence. “You dead so young, so, what are your memories of this life?” The deity animal asks him. The person inhaled smoke deeply from his cigarette. His mind began to wander back to earlier times. When he fall in love with his first girlfriend in high school, he felt life is very wonderful thing. When he is 18 years old, he got the offer from prestigious university. His parents were very proud of him. Certainly, his made some good friends who these accompany him to grow up together. They travelled together, play game together… Afterwards, he got good jobs and he gain he wants of life. The person keeps talking some people and things that he think was important to him in his life. The deity animal suddenly cut him short, “ that’s weird, I didn’t heard you mention it when you talked about your important things in your life.” “What’s that?” “The cigarette! You have a memory of all the things in your life that are worth remembering, the cigarette even is not worth mentioning, but it took your life!”

The cigarettes cause lung cancer. There are still many people living in miserable condition and live miserably, there are still many people dying of lung cancer and leaving the beautiful world and happy family.

So cherish your life, keep away from cigarettes!


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Photo of 慧春 陈

sometimes the cigarettes can make people feel relax 

Photo of Anastasia Kochugova

Do you have other story would to share

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Photo of Sen Lin

when quit smoking 20years Female excess risk of death from all smoking related causes, including lung disease and cancer, has now reduced to that of a never-smoker (2008 study). Risk of pancreatic cancer has declined to that of a never-smoker (2011 study).

Photo of Anastasia Kochugova

Hi! Sen!
Thanks for your share the story. It's worth people to think. Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. Scientists estimate that cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine, heroin, or alcohol. According to the World Health Organization, smoking kills more people than any disease in the world. But how to help people quit smoking? This is problem.

Photo of Sen Lin

Thanks! Anastasia! You're right!
Most people who smoke do so because they can't stop. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that makes people feel energized and alert. Smokers get a rush after a cigarette, and giving up produces withdrawal symptoms that include difficulty sleeping and cravings. Seventy percent of people who quit smoking eventually start again.

Tobacco advertising also has a big influence on why people smoke. For years, the industry has focused on making smoking glamorous through advertising in movies, television, and billboards. While cigarette advertising is now controlled, its influence can still be felt in the form of free samples, smoking cartoons, and the promise of cool merchandise that can be obtained in exchange for coupons printed on cigarette packs. Many people claim that smoking keeps them thin, but the truth is that smoking reduces the sense of taste, so many people who smoke simply eat less because they don't enjoy food as much.

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Hi all.  Nicotine replacement therapy and other medical interventions can help people quit smoking.  NRT includes nicotine patches and nicotine gum and other modalities.  It is hard to quit but there is help out there. 

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Thank you Fliegel! You're right!

Photo of Sen Lin

Smoking tobacco is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit. The nicotine from cigarettes provides a temporary—and addictive—high. Eliminating that regular fix of nicotine will cause your body to experience physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Because of nicotine’s “feel good” effect on the brain, you may also have become accustomed to smoking as a way of coping with stress, depression, anxiety, or even boredom.

At the same time, the act of smoking is ingrained as a daily ritual. It may be an automatic response for you to smoke a cigarette with your morning coffee, while taking a break from work or school, or during your commute home at the end of a long day. Perhaps friends, family members, and colleagues smoke, and it has become part of the way you relate with them.

To successfully quit smoking, you’ll need to address both the addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it.

Photo of Wenxin Luo

I heard this story before, and I share this to my father hope he can quit smoking, and find out another approach to release pressures.

Photo of Sen Lin

Thank you Luo! I think we need tto talk them enjoy the life with famliy not the cigarettes. LOL

Photo of Anastasia Kochugova

Thank you Sen Lin. I very like this story! We always ignore our health, fmaily when we are young. But our life only one time, we should learn to cherish.

Photo of Sen Lin

Thank you for your attention!