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A Humorous Book Depicting "Life after Life"

This book will exhibit different notions of "Life after Life" in various cultures in a humorous way to relieve the pressure of facing death

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I have experienced death only in my nightmares. The reason why most of us fear death is that we do not know what will happen after death. That is we fear uncertainty. There are many different explanations in different religions and cultures about what will happen after death. Some believe we die both physically and spiritually. Yet more believe there will be a second life after death (or life after life). Death is the continuance of the current life in a different form. Dead people might meet their late family members and friends again;  they might turn into a leisurely dog, pig or bird; or they reincarnate into the same village and remember everything occurring in their previous life (this phenomenon happen in some ethnic minority groups in China); most people do think they will go to hell because almost everybody can justify themselves as "good person"! 

Therefore, my team intend to design a book showing the various explanations in different cultures and religions about the "Life after Life" in a humorous way. When people with End-of-Life experience read this book, they will get to know more ideas and attitudes towards death. Whether they agree with them or not, it is always interesting to know some funny notions about life and death. They will know that they are not alone to think about this topic and their pressure about death will be relieved. Maybe they will begin to look forward to the "Life after Life" after their death!

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

For those with End-of-life experience, we should do more to relieve their mental pressure than physical pain.

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I am a University teacher in China teaching design and art. We had conducted several design projects concerning healthcare and social innovation.


Baosheng Wang

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