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R.I.P - HDCR (the postmortem) - 03/20/2017

1 person can only do so much to bring an 'idea' into reality. Despite diligent efforts - HDCR has succumbed due to lack of fiscal support...

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HDCR - The Postmortem ~~~ 03/20/2017

10 months of hard work, outreach, team-building, and growth led to an end for HDCR that was both painful and poignant and a new beginning for me focused in an entirely different direction.

The harsh reality is that without money/economic support in more than the amounts I was able to self-fund this project - it all has evolved into having been not much more than a creative writing exercise here within the OpenIDEO forum.

That, in and of itself, is not bad.

There's been learning aplenty, networking of value within wonderful communities, great people added to my friends list and a stronger, renewed focus for myself on how I want to utilize my skills, energies and enthusiasm - moving forward within the world of business and living.


For those looking to learn about and utilize home death care related ideas and resources within your lives and communities here's three of the best online resources that I can suggest - sans HDCR:

The National Home Funeral Alliance website provides many, many resources, tips, referrals, and more...

Funerals360 is a website that's just getting itself organized and outfitted within the deathcare industry and they have an excellent search utility that should help with the finding of home death care resources across the country.

Seven Ponds is another website that's chock full of death positive resources including home funeral information aplenty.


As for me and mine... I have accumulated 45+ years of experience navigating medical and healthcare systems on behalf of myself, my family, my friends and associates.

Advocating and navigating on folk's behalf through their myriad of doctors offices, hospitals, labs, medical clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, and the like, is work that's as important to me - as it is life-changing to those in need.

So, as a Private Healthcare Patient Advocate/Navigator I'll be delivering timely, meaningful support to folks battling with a healthcare system gone mad and a culture gone numb to some of the most basic needs of our fellow travellers.

If interested, you can track me down online here:

e-mail me here:

Follow my Twitter feed here: @pwe_pan

or, join my community on Facebook here: Paul W. Ennis - Patient Advocate/Navigator


Many thanks to all those who supported HDCR from beginning to end...

Enjoy your day.

Paul Ennis


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I really happy to find your article and i have felling good after read this post because it providing good information. Thank you for sharing this article.

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Good job! I will track you at pwe-patient-advocate-navigator website!