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Memento Mori: An Audio Collection about Death

Memento Mori is audio experience for users to interact, reflect, and even engage with the topic of death.

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There is a moment in our lives when we start growing up and can begin to see our parents aging. Those moments make me scared and they make me realize I have about twenty years or so left with my parents. And then it’ll be my sisters. And then me. But we all know we are going to die– we just don’t like talking about it. Not talking about death constrains us from understanding the human experience. 

Memento Mori is an audio collection about death, which features a website narrative with people who deal with death almost everyday in their careers. This includes interviews with a palliative care doctor, a mortuary owner, to a zen monk. 

By facing death, people have found their own truths. Memento Mori is a way for users to interact, reflect, and even engage with the subject. My hope with this project is to let people use this as part of navigating to find their own truths. 

Experience it at Memento Mori.

For more about the process, visit my portfolio page.

Designed by Eve Li

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