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Kings are the 'diciples of governing'.

Path of enlightenedment

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The end of life signifys on how the system of the body mechanism has responded and endured till the end . As in the beggining the mere body proportion hadn't held the power of life desighn that were to be allocate or controlled or contribute designated of some function connected to essential work priveledges incentives or opportunitys to create relationships of the gestures /artifacts of world which alighn the creative purpose of lifes learning endeavor with creations master architects communication logistic stratedgist and as the will of the spiritual guidance evolves and becomes relative form of life for pursuing global or eternal influence that logistic intuition has been played into and by that we might asses the arrears of the trust and faith in the standards of lifes qualitys values , property defended and protected in the witness to life , 'In the end all trust and will of faith are ressurected to evolve in each individual there are the true testament to unveil and to share the respects of the path and the wisdom of it's vibrant virtualreality and truth that reighns througout the puzzle of life and death purpose to render the end of cause to the destiny 

explicint life path enterprise architect benifits of insurance for contract of industry rendered by stratedgy and team communication  and prowress of military expertice. Just as the head of household commander in cheif wished to secure their household leaders with the duty bound stratedgic methodology of life productive logistics plan of life ettiquette and various intuitive communication traditions, 'developing  an intuitive life biographic manifest family plan or scaling with the cause and effect of world for the better benifit of mans innovative ecological part in life  future destiny.

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