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InMyHands // creating impact

InMyHands is a creative way for independent types to capture and update end-of-life wishes, without navigating complex systems and forms.

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InMyHands is a nimble solution that is designed to empower individuals. It guides users through the end-of-life planning journey from creation to the enactment of plans, and loops around between create and update to allow for changing experience, health situation and preferences over time. It allows the person to ‘start where they are’ with plans that take into account age. readiness and health status. It lowers the barriers that prevent people getting started by making the creation and update of medical wishes easy to do, easy to understand, light in tone, and visually engaging. And the design is driven by human centred principles.

Feb 2017 update

After a hiatus, work on IMH has recommenced! With much appreciated support and input from OpenIDEO designer/prototyper Yuan Wang, I'm developing an interactive prototype to test with regular users, and with OpenIDEO community members who are interested in providing further valuable feedback.

impact // phase 1 - user discovery and validation 

Yuan and I are currently working on our pattern library, navigation, screen design and content. We’ll start our 1:1 testing with our ‘young and healthy’ personas, and in keeping with the ‘minimum viable product’ thinking  confine our scope to two aspects of IMH – medical wishes and choosing a care companion. Our discovery is as much about determining if people will use IMH and how we might help overcome any concerns or hesitation as it is the functionality.

After refining the prototype, we’ll increase the prototype scope  to enable us to conduct 1:1 testing with our ‘mature with health issues’ user types, whose anticipated information needs of IMH are more complex. And I’ll adjust the draft business model as required.

In parallel I’ll be identifying medical users, potential business partners, learning about seed funding strategies, challenges and sources.

impact // phase 2 - market interest

With a refined interactive prototype, we'll have the basis for a presentation that I can take to local connections to test assumptions about its usefulness, deployment to frontline medical professionals, and viability. And adjust the business model as required.

impact // phase 3 – pilot and proof of concept

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