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This Better Be Good

Fullness, richness, the joy in the unpredictability, completing an adventure that began with getting slapped on the butt...

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

Let the one who is dying have a swing nearby and a game with the magic 8 ball and one important person who they can bicker with, laugh with and cry with all at the same time. The freedom to empty the tank-- colors, tactile, silk capes, whack a mole releasing anger...a 3rd act-worthy finish.

Meet with patient and find out what kind of story she'd like to tell. Make a list of props to support that story. See if there is family that wants to participate. Include a family session with the patient and energy specialist (Barbara Brennan/ Donna Eden) to release and clear after.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

I have done this on a small scale with a church member (no family) and with children who lost a parent. Just a handful.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

I would love to make a prop kit with questions and have some fun starter elements: like a truth stick that your pass around (with being able to tease some that a bouncer arrives to enforce Lol), colored yarn to connect the circle, hearts ( to tell favorite stories)....

Tell us about your work experience:

Personal experience from a young age with multiple deaths over many years. Before Dr. Kubler-Ross, before Dougy"'s House for children in the 1980s. Communication in aerospace, automotive, and a nanotechnology start-up. Energy medicine, coaching/ritual = embodied consciousness. New stories.

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Photo of Sharon Duquette

I love this idea, having sat with patients and family members as a Hospice Volunteer with the intention of being present and calm while allowing whatever needs to be shared  with love and acceptance.  

This is type of kit should have a few instructions, ones that say this is a sacred time and should be honored as such!   If your are a family member and have some unresolved issues, try to keep them outside the room with an openness that these feelings of obligations or resentments are not welcome during this process.  They do not have to be ignored or denied but it would be best to imagine a basket outside the door, house, hospital room and energetically place them there.  Enter with a willingness to hear their stories or experiences as if for the first time. Be open for compassion and understanding to arise for all of you.  

Find any way you can to cherish this time together, it will not only honor the dying but it will also honor you and assist with your grief long after!   

Photo of Terri Campbell

Thanks, Sharon. Yes, all of it -- the whole range of emotional expertise gathered here. The prop kit intended to open up with the unexpected -- that everything is fair game. Relief and release and joy and messy...the same concurrent tidal waves from the beginning. Yes, I understand with listening and hospice is a blessing. Thank you for your service.

Photo of Jennifer Dove-Robinson

Terrific! I love Terri Campbell's ideas about how to make the last journey of our lives a better one for ourselves and our families! Let's reimagine the end-journey as one of joy and laughter.

Photo of Terri Campbell

Thanks, Jennifer! We deserve that joy.

Photo of Susie LeBlanc

A passage attuned to the traveler -- what a concept! To ease that passage for the one going while also helping those remaining to reframe how they look at this passage -- brilliant! To create a haven where sharing can occur, where bonds can be eased and strengthened at the same time -- wondrous.

Photo of Terri Campbell

Yes, Susie. Thanks for sharing! Something better for all.

Photo of Eliana

Brilliant! Love Terri's ideas about how to make end-of-life a blessed experience. We should all have a prop kit!

Photo of Terri Campbell

Thanks, Eliana! And great idea.