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Resuscitation-Ezekiel 37:4-6 it is never too late!

New beginnings,adaptation of circulating light beams ,the Casimer effect ,also in virtual reality reanimation to current existence.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

Life-support systems for brain integration of computational neuroscience for allocation of systems of repair regeneration and reanimation the systematic control over noninvasive surgeries of tumours dissolving and righting the genetics involved in the tumour production the association with blood vessels and the reversal of affects of using stem cells for the prevention of cellular apoptosis the integration with systems of anatomy The integration with artificial intelligence Dreams come to pass

Life-support systems for brain integration of computational neuroscience for allocation of systems of repair regeneration and reanimation the systematic control over noninvasive surgeries of tumours dissolving and righting the genetics involved in the tumour production the association with blood vessels and the reversal of affects of using stem cells for the prevention of cellular apoptosis the integration with systems of anatomy

The integration with artificial intelligence the allocation being the decision to allow the artificial intelligence to interplay with holographic sequences to create the quick scenario for life support add suspended animation to do with non-invasive surgeries and integrate with the partaker to create the correct scenario for holographic sequences to heal thrive and grow and for the noninvasive surgeries which support repair and reanimate sequences in the DNA RNA and genetics through CRISPR and Epigenetic's through möbius applications the self assembly of polymerization speeded up to enhance repair and reanimation leading to healing and resuscitation

In looking for the solution to eternity for the solution to immortal cells for the solution to longevity for the solution to time continuum infinity of the solution to longevity of normal cells in meiosis mitosis childbirth Childhood stamina duration time warps faster than speed of light calculations movement and quantum entanglement leading to cryptography and teleportation in string theory

The sum of infinity is now equivalent to group theory parallel cardinal of the continuum
The equation answer is

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Looking for medium document conceptual mathematics and a prediction for Eternity in a formula or equation

The application of conceptual mathematics in the realm of physics to coordinate to formulate plans of action in acceleration and velocity force mass and distance and time the application of eternity being absolute if value given to a certain set some mathematical calculation of an equation whereas both sides are equilateral have no changes in between representing heaven and earth the application to mathematical formulation to deal with the variations in applications in the translation of where the application of good intentions of the link between good and evil of the situation of money and power of the designation between right and wrong
The application of cell death cellular apoptosis and the relinquishment of proper techniques to formulate plans for resuscitation of that cell reanimation of that cell and the delegation of response to bodily function be aspect of reducing effective cancer increasing the immortality of the cell and be longevity built in with reproductive capabilities
Time itself as a continuous continuous continuous be aspect of the holographic clock the holographic implementation to encase the room the adaptation to a hologram interfacing with time itself interfacing with the aspect of a wormhole integration with hyperbolas switching juxtaposition of time and space the holographic implementation of a room subject to holographic changes with time signature the aspect of particles being used to adjust to ageing cells be aspect of cellular ageing and the aspect of time lapse integration with the holographic entity which is linked to the timing affect of a clock which integrates time signature by the reversal of ageing or the speeded up of ageing it is cellular organism thereby creating the scenario for the acceleration of ageing for the deceleration of ageing within a given timeframe

The mechanism for the clock to be integrated with holograms the hologram integrated into an interface with B second hand and of the hour and minute hands of the clock to formulate a pattern or plan for the integration of time as it is allotted to be slowed down or speed it up in a sequence of hyperbola and wormhole arrangement for the advancement of pi the allocation of the hologram being the overall integration with the hyperbola which acts as a holographic interface between the time allocation difference of one second over and expanse of time due to the decimal point allocation of speeded up qubits to allow for the speed it up allocation of cellular adaptability and animation as well as resuscitation repair regeneration and reconstruction the overall attribute to the cell being the particle arrangement to move forward and back in time to be aged or younger at any given point

It should be possible through entanglement of two qubits various distances apart and teleport the properties of one Qubit through quantum cryptography over to the properties of another Qubit superimposing them upon one another through a mathematical construct of a wormhole so eventually the cubits are multifaceted as a single entity

Start by superimposing the qualities of the Higgs boson the application for the qubits to be realigned in entanglement and in teleportation of quantum cryptography superimposing them upon one another to create a quick scenario for the beginning of time transfer to going back and forth in a time signature and by superimposing them present the scenario for time travel with respect to particles being transferred from one area of a wormhole to another

The usage of the qualities of the Higgs boson the qualities which make it unique the qualities which make the Higgs boson a particle back in time which make a difference on part of the transition from the past to the future and from the future to the past going backwards to the beginning tracing the particle present in reality and the long journey to the ends of the universe seeing forward in time the trace amounts of the Higgs boson but make it unique in the transition from one state To another in quantum relief of qubits which can be in numerous states at once through quantum entanglement and superimposing by wormhole travel one particle Qubit upon another encourage teleportation and time travel

So the combination of virtual reality with holographic interface of not only interfaces with reality and with particle physics but integration with timing mechanisms of clocks but have holographic interfaces holographic projection's from those clocks encapsulating rooms encapsulating areas for the designation of time travel.
So the addition of time as element to the continuum of life the frequency of a holographic idea into the 40 Hz frequency of the brain to reverse the tendency inwardly to project modern-day visualizations The device would enable the user to travel back in time in memory and corellate and respond to visual into facets of memory and collaborate with mathematical configuration to figure position that's at subject matter as well as criteria involved and whereabouts
The correlation of circulating light beams in a application for the design of it as an engine with the hologram and clock timing Pi and hyperbolas acting as wormholes the user to go backwards and forwards and time of the advent of using that as an engine to propel forward the mechanism of time in a holographic formats using particles and photons and qubits quantum mechanics to propel forward in time in a particle sense of propelling them into different dimensions by string theory combination And have the flexibility and dexterity to transcend death there by exhibiting a property in the netherworld of existence of useability functionality capability and retrievability
So tracking the person's existence to the netherworld by tracing their brainwave patterns and functionality and seeing where they and seeing where are the patterns that are frequencies or sounds or that Have sensor readings on specialized equipment such as spectrographic modifications that show spectral activity.

The trace restoration through birth through a process of regenerative biology through reproductive methods through mitosis meiosis and the calibration of biological controls self-assembly through scaffolds through stem cells beThe reanimation reconstruction reconfiguration and repair the silencing of genes the techniques of understanding disease control cancer control of the proliferation of cells the adaptation of traveling distances to create a quick scenario for healing implementations to take place wrote the bodies axis and the correct scenarios for the implementation of resuscitation reanimation and rejuvenationThe control measures over the applications of DNA of the applications of stem cells of the applications of particle physics to create the correct scenario through implementations of helium gas to permit to travel throughout the body in a permeable membrane to assist in the application of a tattoo withNano technology and nanomedicine to assist with cancer prevention bone reconstruction Limb reconstruction cellular repair and configurations cancer prevention overall restoration throughout the body of characteristics features details profiles skin reconstruction tissue reconstruction cartilage reconstruction prevention of diseases and gestational abnormalitiesThe production of growth techniques be prevention of accidental reconstructions be acceleration and placement of preferred enhancements and the distinction of healing techniques through to calculated instructions and capabilities

To realize photography as a medium of preservation they should be a certain element of Eternity due to preservation longevity to the photographs or video development. The design of integration with the proper characteristics of the specialized camera which could utilize DNA photonics pixels and the aspect of utilization of the chemical components which go along with the molecular makeup of the photograph image the collaboration being reconstruction and reanimation repair self assembly and polymerization leading to homeostasis.

For my business I would need to have access to computerized programming for the implementation of Dr. papers for the implementation of healing procedures of holographic inference to laser sonar sonic and radiotherapy the application of particle physics of medicines applied to the body of holographic an animation to lift a holographic sequence in animated fashion to show the 3-D Cartesian mapping of mathematics and precision healing techniques of medications and the application of technology and terminology in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle in illustration

For my business I would need to lessen cancer stages from stage four cancer to stage 0 to reverse symptomology and effects of diseases to calibrate and conceive techniques that would resuscitate at unconscious near dead in coma psychosis

The calibration of a laser for projection of particles that self assemble of material such as elements such as elements that have probably more isolation but self assemble self regulate that self duplicate the abundance of Materials for the delegation of a laser blast through collider implementation of particle assimilation for the beginning of the universe beginning's of a planet the matrix information for the supra molecular substance to correlate and correspond to planet building building star building universe building
The corresponding projection of the laser to correspond to particle simulation to project outwardly into deep space to correspond to the juxtaposition of planet positioning and the corresponding relays of life sensing and life-giving sources of activity and support the overall aspect of the co-aligning responsibilities and responses are regulated by planned activities designated by models to respond efficiently to a degree of life giving and sustaining expertise

For my business I would need video cameras recording devices adapted to suit purposes lasers preferably an MRI or a chamber that allows holographic sequences to take place in effect with particle physics details of displays of 3-D graphics of mathematical implementation of molecular biology of calibrated physics of safe implementations of chemistry and the application of utilizing a wet lab to destroy add to change and to mutate cancer cells to apply to you live comfortably with range of motion and quality of life longevity antiaging immortality medicine resuscitation microscopes with cameras medical equipment such as monitors computer equipment teleportation lab laser chamber video and camera implementations to detect particle physics software programming magnetism photonics sonics sonar heat thermo detection metal detection DNA genotype virus analysis biology and reversal of effects diffusion dispersal nanotechnology nanomedicine materials gadgets visual display products interfaces for equipment computer memory holographic suspended animation storage regenerative biology rehabilitation through computational neuroscience reproductive regeneration cloning 3D printer cleaning supplies

For my business I would like to implement into housing structures which lessen the chance of atainning disease who like symptoms cancer viruses and ailments a soothing relief for allergies asthma and respiratory diseases an implementation of a portable unit allowing the person to travel and implementation in the whole hotel and restaurant industry and implementation in retail stores downtown areas and adaptation to refueling and recharging the portable unit and ongoing assistance for prevention of illnesses also digital health implementation

1. The adaptation of a clock distinctly linked by holographic interface and display of visuals by time zones interface, location, date and time of day. The linkage of the clock with the mathematical calculations of Pi and the aspect of a juxtaposition of a interchangeable hyperbola or wormhole for example or other geometric shape for the purpose of linking with the clock holographically to infuse a response linkage to allow distinctions in time through string theory dimensions programming of that interface with the engine developed by conceptual physics which is powered by the Casimer Effect.

2. Upon arriving at the appropriate place and time on visuals, construct a efficient sufficient reconstruction of material effects DNA and plasma related repair with the overall effect being resuscitation ,and if necessary due to time allocation reconstruction through regenerative biology.

3. The visuals in this instance being attached to movable strategically placed qubits which act as chemically induced by teleportation cameras and by video interface with particle physics self assemble and polymerization reconstruct the scenario in part or in entirety.

Scientific Questions:- Can this serve as a technique or as technology if all else fails in emergency or manual resuscitation?

If there is a failure to revive should there be a backup system?

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Business value=work performance
I send you some of my work 100 different business concepts that I have in the works but I have researched and I'm currently using that I finalized research has been done on Facebook and collaborated upon various entities I wish at this time to value my business is that worth due to all the expenditure and profit incurred and it's business value to the consumer as well as to business entities and financial markets grants funding and considerations should be included

If you have received previous instruction please ignore.
financial services the provision of the following due to the investment of monies attributed to a working app on for the realization of gains in investments in these areas
The realization that the monies procured must be saved in a massive account and the emphasis placed on the interest paid monthly as the serviceable monies to be allotted a distributed so there were always be money in the account rebuilding and enlarging due to the global economy

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To the queen of England The royal family Buckingham palace residents of English Parliament house of lords English government United Kingdom businesses and Federation English military Navy Air Force Marines Scottish Highlanders veterans Scotland Yard London Bobby's beefeaters Church of England music and entertainment England's medical and legal communities

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Realizing there's a trickle-down effect from these entities to the public I would like to reinforce the method of passing finances on by suggesting that the workers in these areas or the entities that exists the individuals have favourite people that they would not only employee but supply with a means of finances for their daily activities if not for their services information and details of assistance not only is this necessary and complete of providing salaries for all the aforementioned is deemed necessary over the expanse of the next century plans for raises for budgets for innovation inventions expertise salaries emergency is natural and man-made hospitalization legal suggestions the idea of the concepts on medium website Chickungunya now Zika in Barbados group Friends of Ashworth Medicine Group and Epigenetic's Control of Gene Expression group Berkley Legal BerkleyLEGAL ashworth medicine and Ashworth Medicine Gary Skeete all Facebook and not leaving out the concepts to be brought to reality on the entire website links on LinkedIn.

Heres my understanding out reach globally goes to different communities worldwide into different schools different Homes different cultures following the lines of diversity when it comes to recruitment The action of finding amongst the population those interested in a career in law-enforcement and finding among those educated the scientific engineers geneticists the population of computer experts the PhD's the doctor of sciences within our goal of making them interested in the aspect of policing the attraction there would be the forensics being expanded to allocate for new technologies salaries commensurate ;the aspect of an outlook on perhaps the future of law-enforcement being to correct the wrong done by criminals in the aspect of assaults repairing by advanced notions of plastic surgery liposuction and grafting injuries succumbed to by victims or by a reverse time travel Application bringing to the future from the past a victim who has what's been deceased but by application of reversal of the apoptosis by semi fusing with stem cells cloning ,all through that process reanimation, we have a mission repair and reconstruction resuscitated and functioning
The aspect of computerized configuration with programming to allocate for a global initiative the aspect of organization to every community at every instance of telecommunications at the opportunities a good message of Good tidings brotherhood and sisterhood of unity
The distinguishment of finding within computerization every opportunity through jobs employment skills education the aspect of legitimizing work details of recruitment from it individual sources of doubling up on job detail on increase in work to include policing in daily activities in the aspect of home life of recruiting housewives an overall conception of finding within a community a distinct group of people that can be brought to action to circumvent or detain to build to create to organize to function and to detour crime
The aspect of software to be organized into work detail fusing police work with daily routine duties the aspect of collaborating the training individual to correspond with daily activities to function as a individual as well as in the unit to create the quick scenario for policing to take place joining the Work oriented day

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What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

For my business I would need to have access to computerized programming for the implementation of Dr. papers for the implementation of healing procedures of holographic inference to laser sonar sonic and radiotherapy the application of particle physics of medicines

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Thinking about after death experience Research as per prior submissions

Tell us about your work experience:

Http:// Ashworth University Belford University DSc Medicine Labroots website

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 Links to other suggestions ideas and concepts leaving back to the resuscitation documentation a link through various suggestions and concepts after death planning and recouperuble opportunities 

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Hi Gary, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

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Thanks I added a video that has great insight and puts to mind many scientific questions...perhaps a photo also.