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Ebb & Ripple [UPDATED 08.04.16]

A patient lead journey, empowering information & communication, Integrating with heath care providers & your own support communities.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

The user has information navigation, communication and wellbeing support needs in palliative and ongoing care. 
Supporting the patient from the diagnosis, empowering a supportive community through communication and information. With integration of existing care, we are a full system of heath care through a patient lead journey. 
Creating a greater understanding of the end-of-life experience for the patient and for those left behind.





potential partners


Time Line


[updated 08.04.16]



Ebb & Ripple provides the missing piece for a complete system of patient lead heath care. Connecting heath care providers with the patient and the patient with their support community. Through a navigation hub of communication, information and action, enabling a patient lead journey.

Patients are to often are burdened in their time of need, becoming inundated with raw information. It can be a stressful and confusing time, to try and keep track of new heath care needs, let alone inform and connect with friends, family and supports.

Flow of information and connection sit at the centre of both patient experience and quality of palliative care.


Ebb & Ripple interfaces directly with heath care providers and the patients support community. Providing control in the heath care journey, with decisions, information and support.

With A “Ripple” the user shares information on their progress, status, results and availability with their loved ones, across multiple platforms like their Facebook, email and twitter accounts.

To control the flow of information to meet their needs, the patient can assign differing levels in information accessibility for groups of people. "Ripples" form from inner layers to outer layers, the further out the Ripple travels; the less sensitive information is.

The users community, accesses their automatically updated events schedule and needs calendar. Connecting Friends and family with relevant information and empowering them to provide support with, social availability and scheduling when external needs like transportation might occur.

Along with this the user also has access to extra information for their journey and virtual support groups, connecting people undergoing similar journeys.



potential partners

*No partners have been approached.


We have spent the Refinement phase discussing with palliative care, health care providers and physicians, prototyping and refining Ebb & Ripple.
We have had overwhelmingly positive feed back, along with insights that have highlighted our key friction points and assumptions.

A key outcome from this process was to strengthen the interaction with the heath care provides and the patient. Having a two way communication channel where all direct patient information and support recourses are automatically updated into Ebb & Ripple. Making the experience as streamlined as possible while enabling the patient to lead their own journey. 

Time Line:

August to September:
Continue App development 
Team expansion
Complete prototype MVP
Outlining pilot program with selected health care provider in Auckland 

September to October:
Run pilot program
Proactively and reactively updated the app based on feedback
undergo pivot analysis  

October to December:
Soft launch with extended user basis and providers 
Continue to refine based on feedback analysis
Raise seed funding 
Solidify strategic partnerships

January 2017:


I grew up in New Zealand, with both my parents as doctors heavily involved with rest home care. My late grandfather Dr Ivan Lichter ONZ, was considered the "founding father of palliative care in New Zealand” introducing hospice care to the country. He and I share a similar approach "You can't just treat the illness. You have to treat the whole person - physically, emotionally and spiritually” it’s his years of world leading expertise, that have directly influenced this project. This philosophy helped shaped heath providers relation to hospice care. For his work he received the Order of New Zealand, the country's highest award, an honour restricted to 20 living people.

Surgeon brought dignity to dying
NZ Herald
Arnold Pickmere
4:00 AM Saturday Jun 27, 2009

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

The friction points we are addressing are, the flow of information, communication and community support through a patient lead journey.
 To access the efficacy of Ebb & Ripple, we are in the process of building an MVP and a pilot track. We are continuing the prototyping stage with constant testing to further test our assumptions. To fully validate our approach to the solution, we will lunch into our pilot program with GP’s, care provides and patients, within our pre approved clinic.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Ebb and Ripple is now developing our UI and UX design. As a community, we are interested in guidance and connections within care provides in the states, to implement further refinement and a pilot program. We also are looking for passionate OpenIDEO contributors who would like to join our team.

Tell us about your work experience:

Having a multidisciplinary and diverse background, as an entrepreneur, artist, designer and creative systems thinker. Iv'e spent the last six months in the start up and social entrepreneurship spaces in San Francisco, with my start up Solar Receptor. I'm now residing my homeland, New Zealand.

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Welcome to the Refinement phase Jason! Here are some key questions and milestones we encourage from all ideas in the Refinement phase:

1. How might this idea address the unique needs of the target audience you're designing for?
2. Clearly summarize the value offering of your idea in 1-2 sentences
3. Communicate your idea in a visual way with user experience maps
4. Identify assumptions that need to be answered in order to validate your value offering:
5. Collect feedback from potential partners and users to answer the assumptions you’ve identified.

Lastly, here's a useful tip: When you update the content of your post, it'd be helpful to indicate this in your idea title by adding an extension. For example, you can add the extension " - Update: Experience Maps 07/12" to you idea title. This will be a good way to keep people informed about how your idea is progressing!

Photo of Jason Boberg

Thanks OpenIDEO for a fantastic challenge and opportunity.  
Hope to see you in the Impact stage !

Photo of Manal

Hi Jason! This is a great idea with a lot of potential. I love that it manages the logistical side to EOL. What would a prototype look like for this idea? What sorts of connections do you imagine the user making with friends and family, and how would they happen? For example: if there is an appointment next week, can there be a system to allow loved ones to volunteer to transport and accompany the patient? 

Mapping the user journey would greatly help in this case, so we have a more solid idea of what to prototype. Keep updating so we can see the full potential!

Photo of Jason Boberg

Hi Manal!

Thanks for your great comments!

We are currently illustrating an updated user journey map, but in the mean time, I hope this will answer your questions.

The short answer is all you points are possible, a user has Ebb and Ripple as a communication hub, they inform and communicate with their connections through three main means:

A sheered calendar, which is atomically updated from care providers and is used for secluding.

The ability to leverage control and manage existing channels of communication, such as facebook twitter and email.

And the option to connect with existing support networks within the Ebb and Ripple app.

I hope this has helped!
And stay tuned @Manal 

Photo of Madeline Duhon

This strikes me as a very powerful idea. Two things really stand out. First is it seems that Ebb and Ripple would streamline some of the logistics and other day-to-day aspects of entering the end of life phase of life, which may free up mental and emotional energy to tackle some of the other challenges that come along with that and/or spend more quality time with family. 

Secondly, I like the idea of easing communication with friends and loved ones. It seems that this would provide a way for loved ones that are far away to stay in touch and feel connected, even in situations where they may be geographically far away or seldom in touch by phone. I can imagine that in a time where a loved one is in this situation, it would be helpful to be in the loop for even those minor updates that don't warrant a phone call or some big, formal update. 

Great work with the name, too. It's calming, natural, and seems like a gentle reminder that this is just another stage of life for some.

Photo of Jason Boberg

Hi Madeline!

Thanks for thanking the time to give some feedback. 
You’ve hit the nail on the head, ease of communication with appropriate information.
This has massive rippling effects, with how patents and their community are able to find support and empower a patient lead journey.

Madeline Duhon 

Photo of Lois Perelson-Gross

Question: Would you consider building on/partnering with existing platforms like Lotsa Helping Hands and Caringbridge, which already serve some of the functions you are describing (calendars of needs, updating groups on the patient's current situation)?

Photo of Jason Boberg

HI Lois!

We would absolutely consider connecting. Lotsa Helping Hands and Caringbridge, have effectually proven some of the needs we are addressing and how pivotal information communication is in heath care.

We are taking a updated approach on the information format of Lotsa Helping Hands and Caringbridge.
Part of the success we have had in prototyping, is our integrating with multiple heath care providers and our ethos in centralising the patient lead journey.

Thanks for your comment!

Lois Perelson-Gross 

Photo of Ellen Byrne

Please check out Act3. Our concept is very similar to this and perhaps a collaboration would be possible.

Photo of Jason Boberg

Thanks Ellen, will do!