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Connected Spaces

Utilize connected rooms or virtual reality to provide familiarity and comfort, and facilitate sharing in-person or remotely.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

The idea is designed for patients and their families to connect in person or remotely across the world; they can "escape" to be free to enjoy the time they have together, and share stories while entering a safe space created out of their own personal needs and desires.

The idea is designed for patients and their families to enter a safe and welcoming space, share stories and memories. Virtual reality and connected rooms can connect people to other times and places, and provide peace as well as a way to strengthen the legacy they leave their loved ones. For example, my grandmother could have visited/shared her home in China (when she lived there, or now); combined with translation, she could have fluidly shared details as she felt them, assured of understanding.

This world can be shared with family, or this same technology/space can provide interactions for patients such as exploring new places, taking care of a virtual pet, playing a game or trivia, or connecting with someone who has similar interests remotely. 

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design, healthcare, technology

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  • A group brainstorm


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Charlotte, as I imagined this it felt like a wonderful departure from what I often see people experiencing in hospital rooms near the end of life. Your idea could bring the sacred into what sadly often feels like a profane environment. I think this will happen... the idea is too good for it not to!

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