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Planning in bite-size chunks: Choose your annual Deathday!

Lets create an annual ritual to plan the other end of our time on earth, before it is too late.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

An idea to make end of life planning an iterative, accessible, flexible and normal activity, to suit all ages and stages of life.

Pick your annual Death Day!

Every year we celebrate our birthday, which is fun! Lets create an another annual ritual to mark the other end of our time on earth.

So we don’t know what date we will die, that’s not a reason not to celebrate it!

Why not pick a personal ’deathday’ - to mark each year with the following three actions:

1. an intimate meal with your partner or loved ones in which you talk about your end of life ambitions.

2. a proactive step, however small, to achieving those plans

(e.g. write a will, register for organ donation, write down your plans, discuss options with your doctor, plan your funeral, create a playlist, bequeath your cat, ask for help, tidy up a loose end, design your funeral, give up smoking, )

3. set a goal for the following year.

How do you choose you’re Deathday?

- we suggest you could choose a day 6 months away from your birthday to add balance to your year.

- how about choosing the day before your birthday, so that each year becomes a microcosm of your life? After each deathday you are reborn into a new year.

- or honour the death of a loved person, by sharing their anniversary and turning it into a day of positive action.

How do you prepare for your Deathday?

- bake a deathday cake.

- invite some people to a meal (tell them why)

- have a conversation

- Use it as a way in to tackle an awkward situation that’s been on your mind.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

We could create a guide to holding a Deathday party, and a blog or social networking page to share experiences,and invite people to try it. We could crowdsource the guidance to improve that advice and advocate the idea.

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