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Remaining "relevant" and "of use" to the world

Growing old does not have to mean we're no longer relevant or of use to the world; on the contrary, many can still benefit from our presence

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

Life-long learning is crucial because it keeps individuals active and engaged. This can encompass a variety of activities be it mind games, news update, yoga/meditation, life coaching, inspiring discussions/talks, etc.

Part of the fear accompanied with growing old has to do with our fear of becoming of no use or irrelevance to the world around us. Why not actively be part of a well-thought-through, multidisciplinary program that includes life long learning, activities, and "feel good" experiences to be integrated in already existing care centers? This ensures residents remain connected to the world around them and more importantly this will positively impact their self-confidence and physical well-being. 

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I agree with you completely. How do you envisage the implementation of your idea? Could you grade activities according to people's mental and physical abilities, e.g. volunteer work?

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Hi Thouraya and Kate.
I also agree.  Great idea!  I also would add that I like the idea of mixing people from different generations.  There is so much to learn from each other.  Older adults are totally not irrelevant.  Their experiences are vast and with that comes knowledge and perspective. 
How about a program that offers skill sharing?  Anyone can participate and learn from each other.   

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Hi Kate Rushton  , thanks for taking the time to read my post. My idea is to have a program that is designed to accommodate older individuals and that includes multidisciplinary activities, games, news update, etc. that keeps individuals physically active and intellectually engaged. It is like a "continuing education" or literally a "life-long" program that takes into consideration the limitations that these individuals may have (not case-specific but thought through to be as comprehensive and applicable as possible to a wider audience). Any thoughts and/or ideas very welcome

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Hi Bettina Fliegel , thanks for chiming in! Yes, I definitely like the idea of having different generations be part of it - it does indeed give aliveness and good vibes to it all (we don't wait it to feel as though its a program for the elderly full-stop. It's inter-generational and this is what makes it special). All for skill-sharing too - the idea of being part of a bigger process will give everybody a sense of purpose and a proof that without their skill, the process won't be complete. 

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I think one thing the older generation can do and do well is to give advice, especially to young mothers.