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Strategic Planning and management for the future.

We need Strategic planning and management during our life time and prepair us for the end-of-life leaving our loved ones impacted.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

This idea is designed for people who have a dream to live and social change makers. It will help us prepair for our end-of-life by teaching us to always have a strategic plan and management of our resources during our life and share our dreams and ideas with the community, friends and family.

Life is a journey that everyone takes to live his or her expectations. Life has got a lot of things that one must go through; full of dreams, challenges and achievements. Everyone has got a dream and a life to live. This gives a challenge to that person to see through his dream. A dream can either be achieved or not! When we are born, we start life on earth, grow and at one time die. As we grow, we develop different dreams to live that push us to do certain things in order to achieve them. We have to always ensure that our dreams are achieved. If one dreams being a prominate change maker, he must work towards achieving that. Therefore he puts it forward as a challenge and starts developing sutions to it. This way he can see himself theough his dream. When we die, our dreams die too! If I want to start a community school in my community and don't sell the idea to my community to see value in it, I will die with that dream and the community will not realise there is need for a community school. This means my dream is dead too! Many of our loved ones have died with big dreams. They think of all that they wanted to do at the last hour of their breath, see their dreams die with them and their life perish! Life is a journey on earth leading us to the next level. At the end of it, we all have to die. We can never consume life. The world is just like a vain yard , we just pick the fruits in it. Therefore we should learn to share our ideas to the world!

Everyone must experience the end-of-life in his own way! Death happens on individual basis. There is no clear way we can exeperience it for our loved ones but can see what they go through and try to reimagine how our end-of-life will be. This gives us a platform to go ahead and plan for our end-of-life and loved ones. For the dreams we have about our feature must be clearly planned for. We need to look at our lively hood, the support to ourloved ones and imagine how they will live without us to their end of life. This challenges us to strategically plan for our loved ones and end of life for the betterness of our loved ones. A strategic plan should clearly show how you intend to manage your property, assign responsibility to your successors and indicate what it will take to manage all you have. We need to plan and mind how we treat our lives, in this  case our cord of conduct is an inportant fact that will help us prepare ourselves and loved ones.

There are many things that we need to put into consideration as we plan for our end-of-life. How are we dying? How ar we leaving our loved ones? How are we impacting them? This is a simple 3Hs approach that can help one to have a clear strategic planning for himselsf and loved ones in preparation for his end-of-life.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Teaching the community to share their dreams and have a clear plan for their life and loved ones.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

The OpenIDEO community should help in building my idea, publishing it and support it in the community

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I am a social change maker, I love working with the community for better life and development. I help community members discover theit pitential, empower them and encourage the

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This simple tool can help in developing our simple plan.


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Photo of Bahenda Joseph

Hello Waiswa Billy John,
Thank you for sharing this insightful post. If I have understood you well, you seem to be wondering how someone shall die, and most importantly what is the legacy that he should leave for his loved ones. If I could paraphrase your interrogation you wonder how we are impacting our loved ones TODAY in such a way that they can be able to sustain themselves in the FUTURE when we are no more. Your quetion is fundamental, and I think that the answer can arise from a specific project that someone initiates. in your case you 'd like to "Teach the community to share their dreams and have a clear plan for their life and loved ones".If it is not a secret, could we know how and which teaching material you are planning to use? We can learn from your project.

Kind regards


Photo of Waiswa  John Billy

Hello Bahenda Joseph,
Thank you for your concern and the efortsto your ccommunity. I would first of all like to add that sharing a dream will not only leave a legacy but also inspire others to toshare their dream and work had to achieving their dream. If one shares his dream, he will always refer to the to the community and what they expect of him and work hard towards that. This shall help our communities to steadily grow and have clear path ways for their future and after life. This will also help the individual to plan for his last hour and the impact he will cause to the loved ones.
The most important teaching material are the 3Hs you put forward when drawing your plan, your personal dream and vision, illustration using the Rocks and gravel approach to teach the community to share their dream and put their vision in reality throught setting realistic goals and laying a clear plan. You may needtheflip chats to note down and structure how you will present to the community and a venue is another important factor when organising these events. You canstl use the online platform to share and teachthis to the world such Facebook, Twitter and any other. Putting your personal dream and sharing it illustratively is a key.

Photo of Bahenda Joseph

Thanks indeed Waiswa Billy John.
Very informative

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