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FLAT&CARE [Share a flat, Share the care] : reduce costs by Accommodation Sharing

Similar to the car sharing and couch surfing experience, what if we imagine an similar functioning for elderly people ? Share a flat & care.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

Similar to the car sharing and couch surfing experience, what if we imagine an similar functioning for elderly people ? Share a flat & care. The idea is designed for elderly people who do not have enough money to afford sufficient medical care, or children that can not manage to afford it. It reimagines the end-of-life experience because it makes if more social, mutually helpful and these people can less feel alone. If we want to go further, we can imagine Elderly/Young Room Mating.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Elderly-house employees can have an interesting input or guidance as well as medical nurses.

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Photo of Kate Rushton

I like the idea and think it could work very well. Where I live there often is a shortage of accommodation suitable for the elderly, so this would be a great idea. Do you imagine a home swop if people want to go on vacation?

Photo of Frantisek Rokusek

Kate Rushton Thanks for your comment !
I haven't really considered this option but what if ! Interesting ! 
I have actually imagine more a home sharing/renting (see comments above!).
One issue i wanted to solve also is privacy ! Do you have any ideas ? What if someone receives its friends ? Children ? Grand Children ?

Photo of Kate Rushton

I don't know how feasible this is. But, maybe you could hire a carer to visit and take someone out to the park or the shops, or work with a charity that could provide this service. Kind of like the respite care. 

Photo of christina

Dear Frantisek your idea is great!  
We actually built our apartment building three years ago with this idea in mind.  We haven't yet developed it further, but there are members of our community that would like to get together and talk about the options.

Here in Switzerland this kind of idea is becoming quite popular, but not yet so developed.  One movement is of older people who seek older roommates to share their living spaces because they are too big for an older adult alone.  They are called "Senioren - Wohngemeinschaft (WG)".

Here is a link, it is in German, but perhaps you can read German or someone can translate it to you.  There is also a forum where people are sharing their experiences and tips.

Photo of Frantisek Rokusek

@christina yes i can read German :) The website is good (even though it is quite complicated to access)
That is pretty amazing and i think we should capitalize on this... Create a network, link people, and give FEEDBACK ! We have to create an incentive by examples and real cases i think ! 

I remember, my grand-mother even got to go visit her friends in France because of her "patchwork" network ! What if we imagine an exchange of roommate houses for holidays internationaly?

What if we create a special page/application like the "Matchpoint" for the bone marrow ?
It will enable to help the children of elderly people to register their parents and find others to get in touch !

Some other points needs to be solved too and feel free to comment and post your ideas :
- Access for alone elderly people without technical knowledge (from my perspective we should use the nurses network)
- What kind of registration process we define ?
- Will there be a contractual link between the roommates ?

Photo of christina

Frantisek your enthusiasm is so great!  

We have found that older people discussing this idea are most concerned with the chemistry between potential house mates and so most often develop the idea with people they already know.  Most people are not interested in having interpersonal problems in their last years causing more stress with moving etc.  The idea is to move one last time!

Of course, the idea of bringing people together for those who do not have such friends is also important. Perhaps it requires a "matching" service like for dating.  

I am sure that a contractual arrangement is important, but not as the basis for the relationship.  Your last living situation is a very personal, intimate thing.

The website link I posted is from an organisation called Prosenectute, which does a lot of work to network older people through activities and contact.  I do not know a whole lot about it, but I could imagine that just providing guidelines/consulting for creating shared living situations would be enough when an organisation that serves older adults already exists.

Photo of Frantisek Rokusek

A Third Age Tinder App :) Amazing !

Let's see wide :)

Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi Frantisek, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

Photo of Frantisek Rokusek

I will try my best to illustrate it :)
RE: I am not a really good artist with a pencil...

Photo of Hongbo Guo

Hi Frantisek,
I think it is a great idea. I found it so interesting because it comes from a resource-saving strategy to reduce potential medical cost. My concerns would be unlike a pure supply and demand relationship which could be easily conducted in general market, the health situation of each patient could be very different even if they have similar symptoms. So how much resource they could share might be a bottleneck issue for your plan.  What do you think?

Photo of Frantisek Rokusek

Hongbo Guo Thanks for your insight !
What i have thought is that their difference in health situation can neither be a pain in the ass but an opportunity : let see one can not move or walk a lot, so he can perhaps manage the different financial issues and planning, an other one can walk an is still fit but has sugar problems, can go shopping for the others. They can rely on each other.

My second though was about the financial resources they can share and though the resource-saving ! Let take an example :
One old man owns a flat : but he can not afford medical care unless he has to sold it ! Instead of solding his flat and having no heritage for his children, he takes elderly "room mates" and shares the fees ! If not, he can rent his flat and go live with someone else and the money from flat renting can help him to afford medical care with his new "room mates" ! What do you think ?