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Recently, a global effort kicked off to start radical conversations around the end of life experience. It’s launching on OpenIDEO (an open innovation platform) in partnership with Sutter Health and the Helix Centre and will lead a global community through collaborating with each other to design new ideas for enhancing the personal experience of death and dying.

The question being asked: How might we reimagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones?

All people who have thought about this important issue are encouraged to participate in this global movement. The Inspiration phase of the challenge is now open for stories and the challenge will be collecting new posts.

This OpenIDEO challenge is an inspiring place to collaborate with people from around the world on this topic, collectively improve new ideas, get feedback from experts and potentially get a fresh idea off the ground. It’s also a place to boost your creative problem solving skills.

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  • A student collaboration


Join the conversation:

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Ideas on Reimagining End of Life
OpenIDEO (June 13, 2016)
Questions first:
• What is the financial cost for each day of life at time of terminally diagnosis?
• What is the quality of life for each day of cost?
a) Who determines issues of quality?
• What choices do terminally diagnosed people/patient have?
a) Do nothing and die naturally.
b) Seek or accept medical intervention to prolong life (at all costs).
c) Chose a date certain to die without pain, and with dignity.
d) Who benefits and/or profits from a right-to-die decision?
Death by current societal rules, government laws and regulation, religious dogma and guilt are absolutely slanted to the principal of extending life at all costs and pain, agony, and dignity of the person, regardless of their wishes. We must ask the question: Since when must we, as free thinkers, be denied our right to free choice when it comes to our death? Consider that society allows and supports our right to get silly drunk and or strung out on manufactured drugs, then run our vehicle into a bridge, on-coming traffic, or into a crowd of innocent people. This is deemed to be commercially and politically okay because profits are made and taxes are paid!
Suggestion: When someone exercises their right-to-die with dignity and thereby generate savings for society and profits for the medical industrial complex, they should be given (or have) access up to twenty percent (20%) of public/private saved costs to fulfill a personal Bucket List of activities and experiences (including dying ceremony, with family and friends) within last six months of death.

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