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Co-Creating Rather Than "Imagining" a Legacy

Capture wisdom from the older generation by jointly creating with them highlights of their life, lessons learned, and inspiration pieces

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

Why imagine our legacy when we can actively create it and be the author of it? Let's make of legacy a continuous and fun work in progress rather than an assignment that "can wait" till the last days of our life. People like sharing their wisdom with others, so why not have everyone engage by writing down (journaling) or showing (video) their inspiration with the world.. Let's give everyone an easy and fun way to be part in creating their legacy rather than having their loved ones "imagine" it.

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Hi Thouraya,

I like the idea of making remembrance something that you do together. 

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Chris Lee  and Morgan Meinel , thanks for taking the time to read my post and contribute - glad you like my post! I did indeed read Chris' Treating death as a part of life instead of an event outside it and absolutely loved how he articulated it all! I particularly liked the title and the point on Continuity and his point "It seems to me that we are surprised that others have the same experiences we do, especially when faced with the tribulations of life. Seeing the stories of others living a "normal" life, even as they age, even as they die is very powerful*." Absolutely agree with your last point Chris; as a matter of fact, I recently started a project called "A Likely Story" and the main idea behind it is "no matter the differences, it is likely..a likely story" (you can check the Instagram account at @alikely.story. It's still in its very early days but would love to engage you guys if interested)! Thanks for being so inspiring guys, looking forward to collaborating and having an impact on re-imagining the end of life experiences!

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Thouraya Sayess - Thank you for this thoughtful response! I look forward to checking out your project "A Likely Story" - thanks so much for mentioning it! I would also love to participate on a collaborative project and look forward to how your ideas and project manifest! Let me know how I can be helpful! Thank you so much for your thoughtful ideas and contributions. All the Best! :)

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