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Are there natural values that are deeply embedded within the universe and within every life? If so, then would it help us to face death?

Could our understanding of the beginnings of the universe, from our ontology through our epistemology and cosmology, be stifling our vision?

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

Everybody. If you can envision the entire universe from the beginning of time to this very moment, and with everything everywhere throughout all of history, would you begin to feel better? What if it opens paths to the infinite defined by order, relations and dynamics that create continuity, symmetry and harmony? Feeling hopeful? Engage the largest continuity equation from the Planck base units in just 201 notations to today. This simple model of the universe embraces transformation. Perfect.

Our first experiment was to introduce an AP sixth-grade science class to the formulas.  There were 18 students in the class.  Twelve of the students got it. Six did not.  Of the twelve, there was tangible excitement. They knew they had learned something that stretched them further than they have ever been stretched.  The six who had trouble were, however, quick studies and by going over it all just one more time, they all had the "ah-ha" moment.  The next experiment should be in a long-term care facility where the elders are challenged to become wise, "Take all that you have learned throughout your lifetime, and place it within this model.  Now, how much more do you have to learn before lights out tonight?"

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

The next experiment should be in a long-term care facility where the elders are challenged to become wise, "Take all that you have learned throughout your lifetime, and place it within this model. Now, how much more do you have to learn before lights out tonight?"

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Let us begin to shape this ideational package so it is consumable by diverse cultures.

Tell us about your work experience:

Founder, Producer, 14 years of a weekly television series made for PBS-TV and the Voice of America-TV. The opening of that show is the attached video. More: /index

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Team (12)

Tom's profile
Tom Hulme

Role added on team:

"CEO: We all need to be always learning and the big bang theory has truncated our vision. There are other theories and there are more elegant, comprehensive theories. Hawking's theory promotes nihilism. A Quiet Expansion uses base-2 exponential notation from the Planck base units to the Age of the Universe; it gives us 201 notations to go deep (and to connect all the measurements-observations from the big bang work) and to see ourselves sand the universe very differently."

heather's profile
heather kelly

Role added on team:

"Educator: Yes, all students need to learn about death and dying while in school. The process can be "re-imaged" and reinterpreted to become the basis of seeing one's purpose in life and to begin to define one's calling for work!"

Scott's profile
Scott Shigeoka

Role added on team:

"Philosopher: Sharing and discovering the depth of values is the most important human activity on the planet today. From where do values come? What are the best possible values for living and dying?"

justin's profile
justin walker

Role added on team:

"Videographer/Storyteller: There is a video to be made about the Quiet Expansion and that will go viral and will finally convince Stephen Hawking that he can safely believe in a life after death and that the continuity equations go through the eye of a needle from all our finiteness to the infinite. We need you! Spare a few moments until it all becomes compelling?"

Subhashree Ramadoss's profile
Subhashree Ramadoss

Role added on team:

"IT Team: Imagination opens the pathways of possibility. A computer APP that could be used to stimulate and focus our imaginations to develop our story and project our future will be invaluable."

Tim's profile
Tim Golland

Role added on team:

"Philosopher: The passing of our grandparents is often our first encounter with death in a most personal way. The need for a paradigm shift is obvious. On one extreme there is too little respect for life and on the other there is a deep foreboding about the end of life. Tim has the right attitude. Let us open up our paradigms about living and life."

Bruce's profile
Becky's profile
Becky Lee

Role added on team:

"Guidance Counselor: Every day of our life we could hear the challenge to "Go Deep" if only we would listen to our dreams. After deep sleep, we dream. Within those dreams are deep conversations that actually challenge us to take on new tasks within the new day. Becky understands. Her project, Going Deep, is here:"

Colin Scibetta's profile
Colin Scibetta

Role added on team:

"Reality Check: "Momento Mori" -- You, too, will die -- is a key. Let's use it! Just how "rich" can we be? Can we embrace life so deeply we begin to transcend death? Let's all adopt a digital bracelet when we turn 13 years old to remind us that life is short; make it the best you can. Beads can be embedded within the APP. Given Colin's work experience, he'll develop that APP."

Tim's profile
Tim Brown

Role added on team:

"CMO:There is nothing trivial about challenging the big bang theory. First, we need to know that it should be challenged: Then we need to feel confident of an answer to the question, "Of all the other existing theories, which is the best? Which is the simplest, most comprehensive, integrative, and most embracing of all the data-measurements-observations from within the big bang? These simple numbers tell the story:"

Yuji's profile
Yuji Morimoto

Role added on team:

"Chairman, Japan: Packaging a new world view for Japan will require the best expertise!"

Hao's profile
Hao Dinh

Role added on team:

"STEM Advocacy: Yes, let us all Grow by Design. Intentionally seeking higher ground and deeper understandings, a more integrative approach to living that recognizes and appreciates our uniqueness and the possibilities for our very unique contributions to make this world and our universe a better place. Here we started with a STEM project: that has grown into a full-blown and highly-integrated UniverseView."


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Photo of Bruce Camber

If you can get excited about an integrated UniverseView, then, of course, you would be an ideal member of our team to change the metaphor by which we all engage the universe!  Here's a working document overview: 

The actual Quiet Expansion of the universe from the Planck base units (using base-2 exponential notation is here:
That page is horizontally scrolled!

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