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Using Facebook to facilitate challenges in educational accesses of disadvantaged pupils in distanced regions

Facebook is very helpful for providing children in poorer regions to access into modern educational contexts.

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What problem does your innovation solve?

This innovation can be expected to be helpful for broadcasting the effectiveness of the social media means to facilitate challenges that the children at the disadvantaged regions can have in receiving the necessary condition for their accesses into the modern educational settings and classroom structures.

Explain your innovation.

This innovation will focus at the perspective of resources and the category of activities that the learners can use to discuss, share, exchange their evaluation, and assessments of the lessons. Besides, this can also create the learning environment at which both the learners and the teachers can participate into the modern classroom interactions, which used to be very limited in the traditional educational context. Moreover, this scheme can also increase the range of resources that the learners can exploit so as to increase the effectiveness of their learning process and shorten the time needed for specific tasks, especially in group work. This model can help share the learning experience, perception, and understanding of the specific fields or subject among the students across various regions. This can also have the meaning that the single student can contribute to the overall model of learning, and even the practitioners and educators of specific region can contribute their ideas and suggestions or instructions for students in the other regions. Such opening boundary of the learning framework can help reduce the constraints that the students have had with their learning process, and specific challenges in the learning process of students in a specific location can be mitigated effectively.

Who benefits?

The students are the ones to receive the main benefits of teaching and learning with Facebook and the similar online social media tools into their learning and teaching process. The first reason for such benefits for the students is that the practitioners and teachers of the schools can now use this tool to share, exchange and discuss their ideas and evaluations of the current learning process so that the better models of teaching and learning can be developed and applied into the future classroom advancements. Secondly, the students can join the online sites such as forums to exchange their ideas, perception, and elevator of the subjects, lessons, or learning methods, etc. those can add a lot more experience for them to deal with the specific lessons and subjects, so that the overall learning outcomes of them can be improved significantly. Moreover, the parents of the students can also receive more benefits from Facebook for the learning process of their kids.

How is your innovation unique?

This innovaiton is unique at the below perspectives: * Low costs * Wide applicaitson * High flexibility * High applicability * Wide range of participants * Highly compatible with using various online tools.

Where will your innovation be implemented?

This innovation will be applied at the regions where students have faced a lot of disadvantages in accessing into the ordinary educational system, at which they can participate and complete their learning process more effectively.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

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Messenger Bots could enhance this idea!

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Just a Thought.

Have you thought about internet access? ( If students are not able to access the basic education system how they access to the modern technology)

How are you going to provide the learning experience?

How are you going to monitor students learning progress?

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What do you think about this ?

Photo of Madiha Ahmed

Excellent! Started thinking about this idea. Will get back to you in a day or two! Thank you

Photo of Naureen C

Great idea to harness the power of social media!