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Temporary security schools under the umbrella of UNICEF for education of girls suffering from emergencies.

There is need of such organization that work under UNICEF and provide temporary schools for girls with food, security, and medication.

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What problem does your innovation solve?

The innovation will fix the educational problems of girls living in temporary shelters after their houses have been shattered by war or natural disasters. Reckon! The war has destroyed homes of dwellers of a specific area or the houses have completely shattered. The humanitarian organizations have arranged tents as temporary residents for these victims and there are always problems like water shortage, food, risks of disease epidemics etc. The education is not possible in such a tense situation.

Explain your innovation.

We cannot deny the tent that girls are more sensitive than the boys and any kind of fear, even an insect, can halt their activities. So, the learning in the bellicose situations is only possible if we overcome the dismay in the minds of girls and developing an enlivenment where they feel composure. The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION has founded UNICEF for the child education and there is a need of creating such another infrastructure which must respond in the emergencies to help the crippled girls. The large amount of funding from permanent UNO members can easily facilitate for such organization. This organization consists of portable class rooms equipped with technologies, built proof transportation, qualified educational staff, food facilities, medical staff, professional personals for security, and playing stuff. The school should be installed in the emergencies areas and evicted girls immediately sifted to these schools were they feel safe because of security provided by the temporary school administration. More the girls will feel safe more they involve themselves into deep learning. There should be a complete monitoring, in case of war, of destruction or expansion of war and if the war is putting risk to the school then school should be moved to even better place. The organization takes responsibility of food and medication of the girls which a basic need for their learning. The playing area in the school will try to relax their mind for learning.

Who benefits?

UNICEF press released in March 2015 has reported some 14 million children in the Syria and Iraq are suffering from conflict and only in Syria about 2.6 million Syrian children are still out of school. The war has not reduced but it has increase with increasing number of agonized children especially girls. Same is happening in escalated war areas of Afghanistan with the girls whom future and life desires are at high risks. This innovation will improve the life of such hopeless girls waiting for the miracles to be happened. These installed schools will feel them that countries around the globe are standing right with them and care about their dreams. We don’t have any confirmation that the war will be decreased in future by observing the changing situation of geopolitics and this innovation will save our girls in future as well. When the girls will get proper education they will engage themselves in the economy of the globe and the burden on the world about the war victims will decrease.

How is your innovation unique?

Most of the parents know that, regardless all the resources, sometime their children don’t pay attention to their lesson due to different reasons like illness, some psychological problem or due to some fear. The girls in war affected zone without any food and security may involve them in education are the tough questions. My innovation will solve the problem of security, food and education of girls at mass scale which will make a difference. No security during war means no mental satisfaction and how the girls will engage themselves in the lesson on digital devices with fearful minds if we provide them with virtual education? My idea will provide a complete package of education along with solving the problems of life lethal necessities of food, medication, and security. When the girls will come to the temporary schools guarded by professional security personals they, obviously, will forget about what happening around which will focus their mind to the education.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

The people in war zone, after their homes have destroyed, live in tents or shelters provided by the government or the non-government organizations (NGOs). The problem for the parents is how to send their children to school because it could be life threatening. The temporary school organization should install school near these settlements or the other solution is the built proof buses which can be used for the transportation of girls. There are chances of any disease epidemics in the temporary shelter due to overcrowd of victims and the school medication staff will manage the proper vaccination and other medication to maintain their health for the education. It will reduce the educational concerns of the parents about their children.

Tell us more about you.

I am a researcher and writer working individually for the world peace and education for his satisfaction and inner peace. Currently, I am completing M.Sc. (Hon.) in the discipline of plant pathology from Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. My aim of life is to spread the best education, motivate, and to train the minds of young people for the global peace and harmony.

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Natural disaster
  • Armed conflict
  • Prolonged displacement

Emergency Setting - Elaborate

My idea will help the war victims and their children who are keeping an eye toward the word for food, security and education. The idea, if implicated, will provide rejoice to the war affected girls and they will benefit the world after getting education. The condition of people suffered by natural disaster like earthquakes and tsunamis is not too good and my innovation will solve the educational problem of affected girls as well.

Where will your innovation be implemented?

My innovation can be implicated in the war zone of Syria, Iraq and Jordan where the war is, instead of end, spreading very quickly and its effects can be sniffed around the globe. The IMF report about the economic development of Afghanistan this year has reveled the alarming facts after a war more than a decade and the young girls are looking for the aid from the globe to fulfill their dream about education and development. My idea will be fruitful for these type of high emergency zones.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • No, not yet.

In-country Networks

I am eye witness of school destruction in Pakistan during the flood of 2009 and this had made think for a better solution about the education of the girls in emergencies. We have to engage all UNO members and the NGOs to provide the necessary funds for the developing of temporary school setup which provide girls all necessitates of life for the education. The developed countries should understand the need of such developing such organization under UNICEF to educate girls.

Sector Expertise

  • I've worked in a sector related to my innovation for less than a year.

Sector Expertise - Elaborate

I have two years teaching experience which has fascinated me to work for the global peace and education. As a teacher, I learn that the most important thing for education of students is the mental satisfaction which lacks in war zones. So, to create a learning environment for victims of war there should be a school which ensure their mental peace. I am not working yet for any organization but I will provide a complete design of infrastructure for developing such school if my idea will picked.

Organization Status

  • We are not formally registered but are a formal initiative through a school / university.

Organization Location

I am currently working alone and I will be happy to work with a organization if my idea will be implicated for the welfare of war affected girls.



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