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Mobile Volunteer Tutors Through the "BOX"

Emergency educational challenges need mobile tutors as trained volunteers to deliver quality education through new technologies

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What problem does your innovation solve?

Our mobile volunteering tutorial through the Box is an intervention for bridging the gap in emergency challenging situations to offer qualitative educational facility and training through the technologies of Mobile Tent as improvised classroom setting , video-scopes, and with the aid of laptops and power point presentations. This emergency educational model was first conceived and used for a case testing during the 2013 and 2014 flooding where people especially children and youths were displaced

Explain your innovation.

Through the use of power point and video-scope presentations, basic educational teachings with practical illustrations could be taught to affected and displayed children and youths especially the GIRLS Child in Mobile Tents and at times inside an equipped vehicle. The lessons are projected into an improvised board to the view of the concerned children who are made to sit comfortably in the mobile classroom or vehicle as the case may be. This emergency educational model has also been found to be effective under one-on-one individual training as well as during group class-room settings. This is made possible through digital technologies of the using laptops already loaded with lessons and teaching aids. For group use through improvised class-room settings, projectors, video-scopes and power points presentations are use to deliver quality educational resources to the children and youths in emergency situations.

Who benefits?

Our innovation and interventions on mobile volunteering tutoring through the box is targeted towards the educational needs of children and youths during emergency situations like flooding, conflicts , inter tribal wars/crises, tsunamis, IDPs and etc. Through this emergency mobile education from the box designs, the displaced children and youths could be tutored and mentored without losing much gap from their educational pursuit. This is more so because, through the "BOX" Laptops and other digital tools, the person to person or groups educational needs could be met without much difficulties. This has proven very useful in real life situations to handle the educational needs of displaced children and youths severally around the Niger Delta region and Nigeria. It is an easily adopted and could be duplicated a model to meet up with the vast number of displayed children and youths all over the world.

How is your innovation unique?

Our mobile volunteering tutors through the" BOX" uses unique approach through digital tools and skills, improvised class-room setting as tent or vehicles, vidoe-scope, DVDs and power point presentations and delivery methods and techniques. Apart from being mobile in approach, our system could as well accommodate individual, person-to-person and groups educational tutoring and training of internally displaced children and youths. It also has the added advantages of equipping the youths with modern skills in digital education and skills acquisitions like Freelancing techiques for survival even during and after schooling. For some examples on our E-skills 4 Digital training and equipment for youths, please kindly visit: .Or kindly refer to our collections of creative write-ups on this at

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

We are still working on more practical ways to improve and improvising on our delivering methodologies and especially training more Mobile Digital Volunteering Tutors for a wider coverage in times of large scale emergency needs. We are also dreaming of having a full fledged equipped Mobile Van/ Facility as an improvised class-room setting with vidoe-scope , power point materials for delivering with speed on a larger scales. Please kindly refer to our approach DFD-DEVELOPING FUTURE DRIVERS -SDGs CLUBS for recruiting, training and empowering more youths volunteers from the book: A B C and 1 2 3 ON SKILLS FOR THE SDGs at : .Or refer to this Hetavad Innovation on the SDGs Actions APPs Platform.

Tell us more about you.

Our concept and intervention is being power and championed by the HETAVAD SKILLS ACADEMY with seasoned academia and in public and private partnership with various institutions and Non Governmental Organizations. Our faculty and facilities are quiet ready and prepared for massive interventions during emergency to meet up with the educational requirements of children and youths during emergency situations. Please kindly visit our setting at

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Natural disaster
  • Armed conflict
  • Prolonged displacement
  • Extreme drought

Emergency Setting - Elaborate

This approach and intervention is well suitable to handle educational challenges in emergencies such as- Flooding victims, natural distastars, earth quakes, during wars and in the situations among internally displayed persons-IDPs

Where will your innovation be implemented?

Niger Delta Region Nigeria, North Eastern Nigeria (Boko Harm Displyed IDPs) like Adamawa State, Nigeria, Yobe State, Nigeria, Borno State, Nigeria, Taraba state, Nigeria, and other countries and region in Africa and the Global

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

In-country Networks

We have deployed interventions around communities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria during flooding and intra communal crises. We are working in partnership with The Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission -DESOPADEC-, Host Communities Oil and Gas , and various communities and institutions like the University of Benin, Nigeria, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Nigeria, Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro, Delta state Vocational Schools Board , and other partners in the northern

Sector Expertise

  • I've worked in a sector related to my innovation for more than a year.

Sector Expertise - Elaborate

The platform for lunching out our innovation is the HETAVAD E-SKILLS ACADEMY, which has been in operation since 2011 till date. We have experts and professional teachers, volunteers ICT Experts, Experienced and Trained teachers, curriculum developers and guidance and counselors as well as strategic innovators working in our team.

Innovation Maturity

  • Existing Prototype or Pilot: I have tested a part of my solution with users and am iterating.

Organization Status

  • We are not formally registered but are a formal initiative through an accelerator, hub, or other entity.

Organization Location

Bishopscourt, 19 Kefas Road, Oleh town-334101,Delta State, Niger Delta Region, Nigeria OR @

Website OR


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Hello Thabita and Ashley, nice to read your feed-backs, I hope we could connect for more interactions and ideas sharing on how we could change our world. Amos Obi- Innovator Hetavad Skills Networks at OR

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This is great, Amos, whenever you get the chance have a look at the link Madiha has shared with you on my idea, we should talk and share more ideas.

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Excited to learn if you get a chance to connect. Best of luck in your important work!

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Brilliant! Amos,you might find something common with Tabitha-

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Thanks for helping cross pollinate ideas! Amos Obi and Tabitha Nyariki hope the two of you get the chance to connect!

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Thank you Ashley for linking us up.