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Unique kit for unique kids in emergency

Save the Children Indonesia aims to apply unique learning kit to address 'No Child Left Behind' strategy in emergency

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What problem does your innovation solve?

Special need students are prone to left behind in gaining equal opportunity. Their limitation become burden to continue schooling in case of emergency. The learning tools and media currently used in Temporary Learning Space (TLS) are not designated unique for each child with specific need or disability. We will develop unique learning kit specialized for special need students (blind and deaf) both girls and boys which can be used in TLS during emergency.

Explain your innovation.

Upon emergency, EiE approach will encourage school children to continue schooling in TLS whilst their school is damaged. The kit available in TLS commonly suit for children without disability. It can not address the learning need of children with disability, thus they will stay at shelter and lost their school days. Our learning kit for special need students (blind and deaf) will be developed upon existing curriculum subject in numerology and literacy, which sensitive to culture, religion, linguistic for both girls and boys. The kit comprises of learning app, is a key theme of ICT in EiE. It provides equal opportunities to learn in emergency for children with special need, ensuring no child left behind. It helps para teachers to facilitate formal and non formal learning for student with special need, provide protection in physical, psychosocial and cognitive as they used to obtain in daily school. The learning apps will be accessible through tablet or smartphone which plugged in the kit box and charged by solar power bank . The apps will be supported with specific learning tools and media for different need, such as blind student will require different tools and media from deaf students. To achieve education for all during emergency, we aim to develop learning apps that reach out all students with special need, both who are attended normal school or out school

Who benefits?

We aim to reach around 12,707 children with special need (blind and deaf), who will receive trial and trainings on learning app. Their vulnerability is exacerbated in case of emergency. Apparently, it will benefited for all student with special need students in country if emergency occurred. This unique learning kit will eliminate discrimination due to limitation owned by those students. This learning apps can minimize hesitations and doubt of special need students and their parents to come to school in emergency situation. The project will also benefit for 294 head principal and 4,266 teachers from 294 special schools located in 4 high disaster prone provinces (Aceh, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and South Sulawesi), in trainings of learning apps. We will also reach out education official on trainings and capacity building on disaster preparedness and EiE. Furthermore, the kit will be stock piled in Ministry of Education including advocacy for replication and scale up in other 29 provinces.

How is your innovation unique?

Learning app and its handy tool/media will be developed specifically to address the need for quality education for special need students, which sensitive to gender, culture, religion and linguistic issue, suitable for Indonesia context. We will develop specific learning for each unique need (blind, and deaf) in different education level: primary and lower secondary school. The apps is accessible online and offline, using platform such as tablet or smartphone. It will cover formal learning subject such as: mathematic, sciences and language. It will also use for life sustaining skill such as hygiene promotion, clean water and sanitation, vector – water borne disease prevention, preparedness, comprehensive school safety, gender, child protection and early child marriage prevention.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

Currently, Indonesia is under process to trial and revise new formal education curricula, including for special need schools. Complexity of structural bureaucracy in Ministries from headquarter to provincial and municipality level will be one challenge to overcome. Yet, upon extensive and long experiences working in country with different kind of programming, we assure our established and strong relationship will help this project reaching its goal.

Tell us more about you.

Save the Children has worked in Indonesia since 1976 and in that time we have made transformative advances for Indonesian children. Our goal is to assist vulnerable children and their families to attain their rights. We have responded to large and small-scale emergencies during the past decade, including the 2004 Aceh Ocean Tsunami, the 2007 and 2009 West Java earthquakes, the 2010 Mt. Merapi volcanic explosion, and the 2013 Jakarta floods.

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Natural disaster
  • Extreme drought

Emergency Setting - Elaborate

Located in Pacific ring of fire, Indonesia is prone to natural hazards as well as man-made. We experienced mega to small scale disaster: Tsunami and earthquake in Aceh (2004) which caused 230K people killed and 500K displaced; earthquake in Yogyakarta (2006) caused 6,2K people killed and 1,2M people displaced; volcano eruptions in Merapi Mt. Yogyakarta (2010) has killed 206 people and forced 384K people displaced; meanwhile flood happens each year in Jakarta and South Sulawesi.

Where will your innovation be implemented?

Learning kit will be developed in Jakarta, through national workshop/consultation with Ministry of Education, research studies and practitioners of special education, NGOs friends, and teachers. We will conduct trial test and trainings in 4 provinces mentioned above, in partnership with special need students, teachers / care givers, parents and community.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

In-country Networks

Save the Children has been working closely with the Ministry Education to establish a National Joint Secretariat on Safe Schools and EiE. We are co-lead for EiE in country and also a member of the national consortium for disaster education (CDE) in Indonesia, along with 35 other organizations across the country.

Sector Expertise

  • I've worked in a sector related to my innovation for less than a year.

Sector Expertise - Elaborate

We address the needs of some of Indonesia’s most vulnerable children by working towards eliminating abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Save the Children mobilizes communities, government stakeholders, and others to assist children with disabilities attaining their right ‘to enjoy a full and decent life, in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community’.

Innovation Maturity

  • Early Stage Innovation: I am exploring my innovation, refining, researching, and gathering inspiration.

Organization Status

  • We are a registered non-profit, charity, NGO, or community-based organization.

Organization Location

Jakarta, Indonesia


How has your Idea changed based on feedback?

Based on feedback interview with deaf student, there is none learning apps available for them in school. They also need skilled teacher to help them study. Unskilled teachers with specific ability to help deaf student is long-unsolved problematic. We are re-thinking to add simple sign language information on the learning app. Other additional information on braille will be added as well.

Who will implement this Idea?

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) team of Save the Children Indonesia in North Jakarta Office will devote full time to implement the idea. Team will be supported by non full time Field Manager, Program Quality Director and Program Implementation Director. DRR team members are based in North Jakarta Office and consist of: 1. DRR Program Coordinator 2. 1 DRR Senior Officer 3. 2 DRR Officers 4. 1 Admin Assistant. The implementation will also be supported by non full time office support staffs such as finance, logistic, communication and advocacy.

What challenges do your end-users face? (1) What is the biggest challenge that your end-users face on a day-to-day, individual level? (2) What is the biggest systems-level challenge that affects your end-users?

Social paradigm still sees children with disability as burden to family and community. They don't need education because it is very difficult to teach them. These children are under estimated and discriminated in daily life, which exacerbated in case of emergency. In Indonesia, facilities for people with disability are lack and minimum. Their needs on access and public facilities often become politic commodity and campaign. In education system, government put children with disability in special school called Sekolah Luar Biasa (SLB). In many provinces, public SLBs are lack of support in term of financial and skill teachers. Existing emergency plan or contingency plan which developed by community or government are not incorporated children/people with disability role and responsibilit

How is your organization considering sustainable growth in order to continue making an impact over time?

Save the Children has been working in Indonesia since 1976 as non profit organization, which focus on children development. Over decades our presence, we have contributed to national agenda to eradicate structural poverty that bound children to live in poor-unhealthy-uneducated environment. As an independent organization we are continuously funded by donor agencies from governments, private sectors, and individual sponsors in order to support us implement our agenda. Goal on 0/0 of education safe from disaster is our current approach to ensure all children can get access to quality education

Tell us about your vision for this project: (1) share one sentence about the impact that you would like to see from this project in five years and (2) what is the biggest question/hurdle you need to address to get there?

Impact: by 2022, we aim to deliver this unique learning apps and its additional learning tools to all 33 provinces in Indonesia and it reaches out 114,000 children with disability in case of emergency. We also aim to train almost 2,000 head principals and 19,000 teachers on how to deliver learning apps to children with disability particularly in emergency situation. Question: How we can ensure the local education officers across 33 provinces will regularly update the learning application?

How do you currently measure (or plan to measure) outcomes for this project?

Outcome: Increased access of children both girls and boys who are living with disability to quality and continuous education in emergency situation. Outputs: 1. Provision of learning apps for children with disability that can be used in emergency context 2. Increased skill and knowledge teachers on how to deliver learning apps to children with disability in emergency context. 3. Increased education offices commitment to education in emergency Measuring progress: joint monitoring with MoE

What is the timeline for your project Idea? What are the key steps for implementation in the next 1-3 years?

The project will be implemented in 2 years with planning as follow: Year 1: consultation on learning subject, product design and small scale production, inception and internalization to ministry education & local education at 4 target provinces; large scale production (kits) Year 2: delivery kits to education offices at 4 provinces, trainings and handing over process to education ministry (national) and education offices (province) Between year 1-2: mid-term review and joint monitoring

My organization's operational budget for 2016 was:

  • Between $50,000 and $100,000 USD

How many of your team’s paid, full-time staff are currently based in the location where the beneficiaries of your proposed Idea live?

  • Between 5-10 paid, full-time staff

Is your organization registered in the country that you intend to implement your Idea in?

  • We are registered in all countries where we plan to implement.

How long have you and your colleagues been working on this Idea together?

  • Less than 6 months

What do you need the most support with for your innovation?

  • Product Design


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