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Education in emergencies-Broad Class Listen To Learn

POWER99 Foundation aims to implement Broad Class Listen to Learn in KPK & Baluchistan affected by conflict-wars/act of terrorism & floods.

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What problem does your innovation solve?

During disasters, besides massive loss and destruction of livelihood, education suffers most due to major disruption of institutional functioning of schools. All efforts are initially focused on restoring life and ensuring reasonable healthcare facilities, issue of education gets sidelined. The impact of damaged schools runs deeper and portrays major challenge to children education. The long recovery period of getting back to school accentuates possibility of children to resume schools.

Explain your innovation.

“Broad Class–Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction is outreach program aims to improve literacy, numeracy & healthy habits among young children. It employs fun & interactive format designed to increase access to quality education for learners. The methodology is well adapted to conflict affected & fragile environments. It explicitly takes into account likelihood of poorly trained or absent teachers & uses reliable low cost & flexible delivery models. Teacher (or facilitator) uses radio to receive broadcast or inserts flash drive loaded with day’s lesson into radio. Considering electricity issue specially designed radios with dry rechargeable batteries & USB/memory card option are used. The 45 minute lesson addresses specific learning objective & is composed of series of activities, health tip, poems & games, delivered by consistent set of radio characters including, radio teacher & radio students, who model instruction & activities. The teachers’ guide suggests post-broadcast learning activities to enable students to apply lesson, further reinforced by readers. We have implemented program in schools of marginalized communities in hardest to reach areas. Third party evaluation of program explains positive impact of program on learning outcomes of children. The program design ensures involvement of all stakeholder including local communities at every step of implementation to develop their better understanding and ensures continuity and sustainability.

Who benefits?

Displaced children (5-9 year) & teachers will benefit from a regular school routine, with radio lessons which are interactive, fun & educationally sound. Number of beneficiaries will be 2,500 children (boys & girls). We will identify 50 teacher/facilitator from community as caregiver to train them and provide radios, consumable supplies & content for education program. Regular follow-up/technical assistance will be provided by POWER99 team. The program will target areas of KPK & Baluchistan province affected by conflict-wars/act of terrorism & floods. The Impact of program will be measured through M&E tools. Overall beneficiaries of current program are approx.100,000 (teachers, children & community members) which includes 80,000 children with 60% female.

How is your innovation unique?

Broadclass Listen to Learn program is an emergency assistance intervention, 24-week non- formal education program for children, who are not able to attend normal school. Program believes in active and cooperative learning activities, listening exercises, speaking activities, riddles, sound games and role playing with music and stories which help children to get out of emergency situation. The pedagogical techniques have been devised on social, linguistic, cognitive, and emotional contexts and the content of the program is socially and culturally relevant. In addition children get encouraged by inviting parents and their involvement in hands on activities.In Pakistan, so far no such Interactive Radio Instruction initiative has tested in the toughest circumstances that provides access and quality education on sustainable basis. In past, EDC design was implemented as Interactive Audio Instruction (IAI) in only 62 schools of capital city of Islamabad on CDs.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

Radio programs can be implemented rapidly, providing high quality education and continuity to displaced and traumatized children. Thousands of children, including those who cannot attend formal school can receive radio lessons even under the most basic of conditions. We should not allow more time to be lost due to prevailing law and order conditions and terrorist activities in various parts of country affecting education of young children. Education is the key to mitigating poverty in their lifetimes. Political and economic instability, law and order situation and terrorist activities (bomb blasts, firing strikes etc.) hamper educational activities of children. Program keeps children involved in their education through broadcasting.

Tell us more about you.

POWER99 Foundation is registered with Security Exchange Commission Pakistan as non-profit under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. It works in partnership with its sister organization The Communicators (Pvt.) Limited and with national, international relief organizations specialized in crisis mitigation. it has a diverse team of professionals that possess experience and expertise of administrative and logical setup for implementation of program including financial management.

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Natural disaster
  • Armed conflict
  • Prolonged displacement

Emergency Setting - Elaborate

The program will address the emergency situations in Pakistan with conflict, natural disaster and prolonged displacement that have devastating impact on education in areas with limited access. The program activities may occur in schools that are still standing and deemed safe, or in temporary shelters where Schools are destroyed, educational infrastructures are damaged and informational materials and resources are lost, including the loss of teachers.

Where will your innovation be implemented?

The Broad Class-Listen to Learn Interactive Radio Instruction will be implemented in the affected areas of KPK and Balochistan where emergency struck vulnerable victims are residing in relief camps or in temporary shelters such as outdoor classrooms, tree shade classrooms, or other public structures. The program will target the vulnerable children, especially girls who have missed the school or unable to continue education.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

In-country Networks

POWER99 Foundation has successfully implemented projects funded by National and international organization DW, DFID, US Embassy and Global Development Network partnering Education departments ,Local organizations ,i.e Citizen Foundation, Peace Education Foundation ,regional radios and The Communicators (Pvt.) Ltd that has installed its radio in relief camps during earthquake, 2005, floods 2010, IDP’s 2009. It received acknowledgment from partners for its services and collaboration.

Sector Expertise

  • I've worked in a sector related to my innovation for more than a year.

Sector Expertise - Elaborate

Program management and oversight will be responsibility of management team at head office in Islamabad. The implementation team headed by Program Coordinator will be based at Project area.The monetary affairs of each program and project are handled by our expert staff in accordance with financial procedures and regulations of the donor organization. All the programs and projects of foundation go through both technical and financial audits by collaborating chartered accountants and donors.

Innovation Maturity

  • Roll-out/Ready to Scale: I have completed a pilot and am ready or in the process of expanding.

Organization Status

  • We are a registered non-profit, charity, NGO, or community-based organization.

Organization Location

POWER99 Foundation is registered with Security Exchange Commission Pakistan as NGO under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984,Islamabad,Pakistan


How has your Idea changed based on feedback?

The feedback exercise has helped us to enrich content with ‘sustainable peace’ into the curriculum.

Who will implement this Idea?

The POWER99 Foundation team will implement program with the support of Local radio stations for broadcast relief organizations for coordination, Volunteers from community as teachers/facilitators and mobilisers from community and Local government for facilitation. Overall 5-7 members’ team will be supporting this idea almost half of them are located in field and will support this effort full-time.

What challenges do your end-users face? (1) What is the biggest challenge that your end-users face on a day-to-day, individual level? (2) What is the biggest systems-level challenge that affects your end-users?

• In Pakistan, education methods are didactic and there is little adaptation for the learning styles of young learners. Learning is not based on the individualized needs, strengths and interests of the children for their holistic development, especially in emergencies and conflict situation, when children suffer trauma and need transition. • The education sector has weak governance, budget constraints; teachers are ill-trained and often lack accountability. Gender inequities occur because parents of girls often do not favor sending their girls to schools as of accessibility and cultural barriers.

How is your organization considering sustainable growth in order to continue making an impact over time?

• The program design ensures involvement of all stakeholder including local communities at every step of implementation to develop their better understanding and ensures continuity and sustainability Power99 Foundation plans a two pronged strategy for the scale-up of program. • Horizontal scale up will focus on tailoring program to specific geographical and regional contexts for expanding outreach to other geographic areas. • Vertical scale up will focus on the enrichment and development of lesson content based on National Curriculum for upper grades.

Tell us about your vision for this project: (1) share one sentence about the impact that you would like to see from this project in five years and (2) what is the biggest question/hurdle you need to address to get there?

• We aim to transform education practices in Pakistan. Equip students/teachers with higher-order thinking skills and strong civic sense of responsibility as members of greater human family. Under 18th amendment independent and autonomous local government system was to be established that will put primary education, and required resources, under their control but the very political parties which had signed the law became hurdle in its implementation to serve vested interests.

How do you currently measure (or plan to measure) outcomes for this project?

Outcome -Improved learning outcomes -Attendance -Teaching practice -Community engagement Output Official orientation, Improved Child centered teaching-learning practices through training, ongoing support and using AVaids. Improved health hygiene to reduce absentees Regular meetings Data sources Students Knowledge Assessment (Pre -post test), Training reports, Attendance record Classroom observation and material receiving forms, Parent satisfaction survey, meeting report

What is the timeline for your project Idea? What are the key steps for implementation in the next 1-3 years?

Timeline: Dec 2017-Sep 2020 Key steps: -Coordination with stakeholders -Identification of teachers -Establish TLC/Classroom in communities -Knowledge Assessment/Baseline survey - Teachers training -Provision of Radio sets/resource materials to teachers -Airing of lessons(Rhymes,testimonies) -Ongoing facilitation to teachers in implementation -Community meetings -Regular monitoring of program implementation -Impact Assessment of the Project -Submission of Reports

My organization's operational budget for 2016 was:

  • We didn't have an operating budget

How many of your team’s paid, full-time staff are currently based in the location where the beneficiaries of your proposed Idea live?

  • Under 5 paid, full-time staff

Is your organization registered in the country that you intend to implement your Idea in?

  • We are registered in all countries where we plan to implement.

What do you need the most support with for your innovation?

  • Business Development / Partnerships Support
  • Business Model Support
  • Communications / Marketing / Graphic Design
  • Other Technical Expertise


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Photo of Chris

Hi Fakhira and team

Just to say congratulations on your great work which can reach so many beneficiaries. It seems really important that you use communications mediums which are realistically available in the circumstances, and I also love how the learning is both literacy and numeracy focussed, but also includes more creative topics such as poetry. All the best with your great work!

Photo of fakhira

Hi Chris,
thank you for the appreciation. yes, we are using most realistic and accessible medium of communication that is readily operational in conflicts and emergencies.