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Playgrounds for Children in Low-Income Communities

We will build playground for children who live in Low-Income Communities so as to grant them access to playing materials and services

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Michael Kamukulu


This idea will be implements in remote places worldwide

What is your stage of development?

  • New Innovator, with less than one year of experience in ECD


  • Individual

Describe how your solution could be a game-changer for your selected Opportunity Area (600 characters)

Children in low-income communities do not have access to many services as do the children in normal homes and peaceful environment. By providing them with modern, imaginative and creative playgrounds, these children in will be able to develop their emotional relationship with each other and their community. This will also help them in developing their creative and imaginative skills through various games and practices. They also will get a chance to be happy.

Select an Innovation Target

  • Service: A new or enhanced service that creates value for end beneficiaries.

Tell us more about your innovation (1500 characters)

This idea aims to build playgrounds that will help children in low-income communities access to playing materials and games that will help them in their early developments of their lives. This services will be provided for free and all kids in these areas will have a chance to participate and meet with fellow kids and be able to entertain while improving their creativeness and learning new things from each other. This project will be implemented in Tanzania BUT can also be implemented in other parts of the world including the US. Low-income communities may include areas affected by conflicts, poor families, refugee camps just to mention a few. In developed economies like the US, this idea may apply and help communities like families living in the suburbs, migrant communities, native American societies, etc.

What problem are you aiming to solve? (3 sentences)

The aim is to give children in low-income communities a chance to get access to services that will develop their creative and imaginative skills through playing and recreation as do the kids in normal homes. Playing together will help kids in these areas to learn from each other and develop a sense of love cooperation.

Explain your idea (5000 characters)

According to research by "The Benefits Of Playgrounds for Children Aged 0-5" by Duerr Evaluation Resources, Child’s play is not just all fun and games. The act of play is a crucial component in the successful growth of the brain, body, and intellect. This fact propelled us to come up with an idea to build free playgrounds for children in Low-income communities. We need to acquire funds which will enable us build play grounds in as many places as we can. Our primary target is to build playgrounds in rural areas in Tanzania. Ideally, these grounds will be built around he government owned schools so as to increase the possibility that a large number of children will have access to these grounds. Ths will also encourage more children to attend schools and enjoy studying hence improving the levels of performance. We also plan to build playground in refugee camps in Western Tanzania to help children who have been affected by conflicts in eastern and central Africa. There are 4 main refugee camps which are found in western Tanzania. These include; Nyarugusu, Nduta and Mtendeli which are in Kigoma region and Lumasi which is in Kagera region. There are around 300,000 refugees in these camps with 22% of them being children between ages 0 and 4, and 20% being children between ages 5 and 11. It is ideal to have different play ground in the same camp for easy access and making the service sufficiently reachable to all beneficiaries. These playground will be equipped with various items that will enhance creativity and imagination for children. The playgrounds will be left under the camp management. Play grounds will be built with safe and friendly materials in order to ensure safety for children. We will contract construction experts to help us design and build the playgrounds. All maintenance activities will be left to the camp management. After successful construction the playgrounds will be officially handed to the local/village/camp management. We will keep monitoring the impact and contribution of this idea for a considerable period of time to make sure that the goal is being met and i to learn out of the outcomes of the project. If this project proves successful, we will plan for expansion and improvements in the same same areas as well as other areas especially in Africa. This ideas can be applied anywhere in the world since all low-income communities face similar challenges.

Who benefits? (1500 characters)

The primary beneficiary of this idea are the children especially at their early ages. This idea is critical in child's brain development, body growth and intellect. Other beneficiaries are parents.

What kind of impact will your idea have? (1500 characters)

This idea will help children who grow under in low-income communities and conflict situations to develop necessary skills and values that will enable them to build better communities in the future as they grow up. This will be a seed to the prosperous future generation.

How does or how could your idea impact low-income children? (1500 characters)

With little or no income at all, families in low-income areas can not afford playing materials. These families do not have access to good playing environment for their children. Our idea will give these children free access to this scarce service.

Innovation: What makes your concept innovative? (5000 characters)

The concept is innovative in the sense that new service is created and brought to the end users in their own surroundings. The end users do not need to contribute any resources in development of the playgrounds. They only need to maintain them in collaboration with local authorities.

Scale: Describe how your idea could reach a significant number of end-users. (1500 characters)

Most low-income communities are densely populated. This will make it easy for our services to reach as many end-users as possible since they all live close. In rural places especially in developing countries, community centers like schools, churches and mosques will be used for easy access to all dwellers. For the refugee camps, since the Camp management keeps records of registered refugees, the project will easily allocate resources according to needs. More playgrounds will be built in big camps like Nyarugusu and Nduta. Since this services depends on the availability of refugees, scaling up will only come if more refugees are registered in the same camps. Alternatively, scaling up may came by expanding this service to other camps in in different countries especially developing countries in Africa and Asia

Do you have the people and partners you need to do what you’ve described? (600 characters)

I need partners to collaborate with especially in construction.

As you consider your next steps, what kinds of help could you use? Is there a type of expertise that would be most helpful? (1800 characters)

We need to designing and construction expert to help us survey the camp areas and designing playgrounds. We also need childhood development expert to help us identify requirements for this project.

Would you like mentoring support?

  • Yes

If so, what type of mentoring support do you think you need? (1200 characters)

We need mentoring on childhood development

Are you willing to share your email contact information submitted on OpenIDEO with Gary Community Investments?

  • Yes, share my contact information


Join the conversation:

Photo of Iliriana Kacaniku

Hi Michael, thank you for sharing your idea with us. Providing an opportunity for children in refugee camps to learn through play in the playground sound like there's lots of potential to positively impact their personal development. The Early Childhood Innovation Prize is seeking ideas that could eventually be implemented within the United States. To this end, do you have a vision of how could your idea be implemented here?

Make sure to check out details about the Challenge and the Challenge criteria here:

Photo of Michael MK

Thanks a lot Iliriana Kacaniku I will revise my idea and make necessary changes..

Photo of Iliriana Kacaniku

Hey Michael,

as you progress with refining your idea, I thought your could find helpful two resources. The first one is the Localization toolkit, which you can find in the following link: The second one is the toolkit on human centered design available at Here you'll find many useful tool on how to design research, how to answer 5 whys to understand the problem and design solution that responds best to it.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

Best regards,

Photo of Michael MK

Hi Iliriana Kacaniku Thank you for the suggestions. They are helpful and I am using them to refine my proposal