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Help me gadget

The device helps children to write alphabetic letters and numbers correctly, neatly and smart-by developing fingers and hands muscles.

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Name or Organization

Geoffrey Mosigisi


Nyamira, Kenya. My idea can be implemented in any part of the world.

What is your stage of development?

  • Early Stage Innovator, with at least one-year experience in ECD


  • Individual

What is the stage of your proposal?

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Describe how your solution could be a game-changer for your selected Opportunity Area (600 characters)

My idea is simple to use and can be used by any person in the community from the doctor to farmer, require less skills to operate to help the children to write very fast and well. Also can be entertaining children and the same time they are learning.

Select an Innovation Target

  • Product: A new or enhanced physical product that creates value for end beneficiaries.

Tell us more about your innovation (1500 characters)

I was teaching the young children and I realized that they have a problem in handwriting, some write the letters and numbers opposite and this take along period of time before they to know to write well,so I decided to invent the idea to help them.

What problem are you aiming to solve? (3 sentences)

1 good handwriting,to write fast, to identify alphabetic letters and numbers fast-most children do not do that. 2 don't write the alphabetic letters disorderly. 3 To learn, identify letter sounds-some children do not differentiate letter sounds and alphabetical letters. 4 To write numbers 0-10 well. 5 to write words very fast. 6 for entertainment-as game while they are learning 6 for identifying small letters and capital letters.

Explain your idea (5000 characters)

The gadget comprises the numbers and alphabetic letters arranged in orderly manner. The learner who is learning is expected to insert the writing material and tries to write and timed. The process is friendly because the more the child uses it, the more he/she develops the skills in handwriting. The gadget is like a river having boundaries for instance the child does not know how to write letter u or number 5 it will help him or her to know to write fast and the muscle developed and being practical it is understood in the brain.

Who benefits? (1500 characters)

Children because they will know how to write very fast, teachers do teach them and parents they care about their education.I do interact with parents I am teacher, they complain oh! my son does no to write well,some bring such complains. When I am in class checking exercise books of children they do write poorly.

What kind of impact will your idea have? (1500 characters)

There will be positive outcome of the idea I was given the child to teach, she did not know how to write numbers so when she writes alone she does nothing but when I hold her hand and she is holding a pencil showing her to write the number, now she does better. So that is where I invented the gadget .Also the parents always look at the handwriting of their children if they write well, they are happy if not they are sad,so parents will they be happy to buy for their children this gadget.

How does or how could your idea impact low-income children? (1500 characters)

The gadget uses dry cells for those who will not be able to use electricity, also I can design different sizes so that every child to have it, because parents will buy what they afford.

Innovation: What makes your concept innovative? (5000 characters)

The idea is unique as follows My product can be used by caregivers meaning that the children can learn numbers and letters before he/she is introduced about them at school. The parents can also find aways to entertain the children during holidays.Teachers will have easier time to teach numbers and letters. My idea solves about six problems which are beneficial to whole learning for life time. It is also can be use as game-it involves to identify certain numbers or letters and then she/he will be awarded marks this is important because the children are learning. This is a new way I am engaging the children. The product have writing materials but of different shapes and sizes. The buyer of the product is registered and pays for the writing materials. Which will be send through the posta. So the use and the model is original.

Scale: Describe how your idea could reach a significant number of end-users. (1500 characters)

Since the device requires less skills, my customers can be parents and schools and knowing more babies are born. It will be sustainable.Also to reach my customers I will use schools to reach more parents and through media platforms and banks, the banks serve most people who are educated therefore to explain it is easier and understanding the importance.

Feasibility: Where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve done so far and your plans. (3000 characters)

First, I have planned to make prototype and then I will test it in my school. After that I will how much i need to launch it.

Business Viability: How viable is your business model? (5000 characters)

The product for sure solves the most problem the parents want to be solved. The children are born more so the need also to produce more also the product can be made in different sizes so people can buy the one they can afford. Also writing materials which are unique must be used together with the product and it is send after a month.

HCD: How have you used human centered design to build or refine your concept? (5000 characters)

As I teach children most of their handwriting is so poorly written even you cannot read. The first thing the parent will want to see for her/his child is whether she/he knows to write and reading. I have seen parents complain about their children writing poor handwriting. So if handwriting was not important they would not even ask about it ,so parents are serious and want their children to write well. Even you cannot read something you don't understand. In school we teach always about handwriting because they forget easily.the reason they are not used, because I discovered that even holding pencil children they are supposed to be taught how to hold a pencil when they are very young.ask yourself why achild can hold a ball easily and throws it easily but to hold a pencil gives him/her a problem,becauese she/he has not developed force controling the movementof the fingers .Another example when you injur your hand will you write, no you will not write because your mascles are now weak. Even the muscles of the children's hands are weak therefore to accelerate their capacity to write well. The hands must be given exercise and that why I am developing help me gadget.One day I was given a child to teach her on how to write numbers from 0-10 but she would write only number 1 the other numbers were challenging her. And do you know why she wrote number one easily? It is because she did not use a lot of force. The other numbers she does not because she has no power to control the fingers properly. So I decided to help She holded apencil.then i holded her hand by doing so we would write the other numbers. We did several times and I discovered that he would write the other numbers somehow good. And so I decided to make help me gadget to help children write well and also fangled that It is simple but when it come very deep-just six uses. So it will solve the problem the children undergo while in class. So It is clear that I have designed a device that will solve problems facing children, teachers because they teach them and parents because they provide for them.

Tell us more about you (3000 characters)

I like inventing as you announced the challenge I was able to ponder and I realized this works,i Love children and always i look ways to help them Also I am a teacher i know what I go through when teach.

Do you have the people and partners you need to do what you’ve described? (600 characters)

No, you and electronic engineer

As you consider your next steps, what kinds of help could you use? Is there a type of expertise that would be most helpful? (1800 characters)

I need to hear from you and direct to me any best expert and I will work with.

Would you like mentoring support?

  • Yes

If so, what type of mentoring support do you think you need? (1200 characters)

I want mentoring on how to launch it

Are you willing to share your email contact information submitted on OpenIDEO with Gary Community Investments?

  • Yes, share my contact information

Updates: How has your idea changed or evolved throughout the Prize? What updates have you made to this submission? (1500 characters)

This is the new updates my idea was just written on the paper and I had not made the prototype it was just simple sketch of how the prototype is to made you can see above. Now I have made the prototype and I am using it to collect information from the users-that's children, I was with some children. First,when they so the prototype they eager to know about, those i told to write in the it when they finished writing I asked them whether it was interesting and they responded yes.also I asked my fellow teacher about the product she watched video clip she said they were thought in college about the concept because she is ECED teacher.


Join the conversation:

Photo of John Konsin

Geoffrey, I have a few questions for you.
1. Your idea is nice and simple - I see you have a need for an electronic engineer. Can you explain a bit more about the product you plan and why you need an electronic engineer?
2. How does your idea help children understand each letter or number? I assume a teacher is required to explain each letter or number - am I correct?

Let me know. Your answers will help me better understand your vision.


Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Thanks John for your feedback and your time to help me develop my idea.

I wish to answer you the first question. The product comprises of twenty six alphabetical letters a -z and numbers from 1-10 ,special papers and another part a call it a catalyst that entertains and accelerates learning and understanding. As for now I am making the prototype and this week I shall complete it and you will be able to see it very soon. Then in the school where I am teaching,That is the place for me to test it. I need electronic engineer because I want also help me gadget to be digital .to the second question in the first place a teacher is required to give directions on how to use but also a parent, a caregiver or somebody can be taught on how her/his child can use it. Finally, how can a child understand each letter or number it is through repetition by doing so a child will have been used to writing letters and numbers. Hope I have answered you, if not let me know.Also if there is a question you left you can ask it now. I have found your feedback interesting and inspiring. Thanks again for your time and your feedback.

Photo of John Konsin

Geoffrey, Thanks. If its digital is that in a phone app? Of is it a separate device? Can you describe how the children would interact/use the digital product? Will children using the device still write down letters and numbers on a piece of paper ?

Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Greetings! John.

Yes,It will be phone app, this same idea has three products one is that you have read above second is somehow advanced, programmed and connected to another device which shows when a child is writing according to the instructions she/he is given. This is good for ensuring the learner follows rules and the teacher, caregiver or a parent is following on the device here still the learner writes on paper and the action is displayed on the screen. If she/he writes u it will appear on the screen simultaneously.The third one will be made into phone app when improved but here it will be like a game, it is fun and interastingThe learner is required to identify letters and numbers, writing words and drawing figures using letters if the learner does that he earns marks but here the learner does not write on the paper also i wish you to know for now I am concentrating in developing the first one.thanks .you are great for making me advance the idea. I am still welcoming you for more questions.

Photo of John Konsin


Thanks. My advice is to focus on the first product. Develop it further in detail. A popular concept in starting a company is to have a "minimum viable product" or MVP. A MVP is the product that you first take to market which will gain acceptance. Later you can introduce your 2nd and 3rd products. So, for your first product - do you have a prototype? do you know how it will be made? do you know who will make it? do you know the cost to make it? do you know how children and their caregivers will respond to it? have you seen how they respond and use a prototype. I'm asking the questions to help not challenge you. With my own business, I can often dream of other applications or versions of my product. Which is good. However, my first priority must always be to focus on making the first product and making it successful. Good luck and keep moving forward! Sincerley,


Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Greetings! John

Thanks for your advice. The questions you have asked are to build me and for me I have understood the reason you say so. The person who shows you how to fish is better than the one who gives you the fish and if is not there you suffer,I have considered the questions you have asked. I can evaluate what you wish me to do. I welcome you to give more feedback when I will submit my prototype. Thanks again.

Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Greetings john,

I would like you look at my prototype and evuluate it please check it out on open submission that is where you can see it clearly, do you think it is okay? Which colour do you think attracts children, assume that the idea is yours how could you model it for business,briefly ?i really want to develop it for business so share with me your hints. but there is one part I did not fix inside but I am still working on it to complete it.I wish you to that I know how to make the whole prototype.thank you


Photo of John Konsin

Geoffrey, Thanks! I'll take a look and give you some more feedback. In terms of color, my personal preference is a lighter shade or purple. I would avoid pink or blue. Purple is a nice "in between". Of course, I'm biased as we used purple for our company color. Another good choice would be a soothing green - on the lighter side. You are doing great. Keep sharing and talking with others and you'll get the help and expertise to finish your project. Best, John

Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Greetings JOHN,

Thanks, for your continued advice.