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Who Is It?

We define our own families.

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Who hugs you

Day or night?

Who watches you

And holds you tight?

Who shows you

What's up high?

Airplanes, bubbles

And birds that fly!

Who sings songs

Claps your hands?

Reads you books

Of other Lands?

Who gets you

Food to eat

Sits you down

In your own seat?

Who hands you

Toys to touch

Play with one's

You love so much?

Who takes you

To the Park

To play outside

Before it's dark?

Who say's sorry

When their wrong?

Cuz that's the way

We show we're strong

Who plans the meals

Sometimes from seed?

Knowing you'll get

What you need.

Who stays near

When you are sad?

Keeps you safe

When you are mad.

Who sings songs?

Hums away fear

Keeps you close

Dries your tears?

Who hears tunes

On city streets

Gets you a drum

To join the beat?

Who is it?

Who can it be?

I know you know

Turn page to see.

Yes, you're right

Now you can see

We are family!

(Place for picture of your family)

Describe the intended vision for your early childhood book manuscript in 1-2 sentences

Family is what you define it to be.

Share your suggested book title

Who Is It?

PLEASE USE THE VERSION OF THIS QUESTION AT THE TOP OF THE SUBMISSION FORM: Share a draft of your manuscript (250 word limit, not including title).

Uses 1 and 2 tier words Simple rhymes Fun to read. Repitition Would like to include a short action song that caregivers/parent(s) can do with babies and toddlers each morning. "Good Morning Good morning Can you clap this way (Clap hands together twice) Good morning Good morning Pause We're gonna have A great day (Throws arms up into the air!)

How has this book been informed by early childhood language development research and evidence? (response minimum 250 Characters)

Just know people from the area. Everyone I know from Pennsylvania are curious, ask questions, raised in working class neighborhoods, and have a spark of optimism. My book represents those individuals.

Please describe any familiarity you may have with Philadelphia and its residents? (optional question)

Described "city streets" Illustrations will further include references to Philadelphia and a historical site by a park.

How have you crafted this manuscript to resonate with and/or reflect the experiences of those living in urban contexts? (optional question)

I attempted to feel what it was like when I was a child living in a big city near LA in an apartment.

Location: Country


Location: State or Department


Location: City

Hot Springs

Tell us more about you / your team

I believe children are like flowers, give them the best nourishment, talk to them, describe what you are doing, give them plenty of clean water, and shower them with love and affection. Additionally, Babies and toddlers will grow strong, if we also teach them to be creative and solve problems, and when upset we allow them to express constructively, making music, doing art to music, shining their inner light to feel good and think of positive suggestions and solutions. I have a background in Early Childhood Education and have worked in private, city, and federal daycare centers as well as with children with severe and profound handicaps in a school setting, ages 1 month to 6, where we did I.E.P.'s (Individualized Educational Plans). I also had my own infant daycare to encourage parent(s) to give their babies a quality social interaction while they pursued their individuality. I had the same 3 babies for 3 years.

Provide an example visual identity for a look and feel you might like to achieve. ( (optional question, 3-5 visuals)

Multiple Choice - Have you been previously published (online, self-published, and print included)?

  • No

Do you have an agent?

  • No

How did you hear about the Challenge? (optional question)

  • OpenIDEO announcement email

What best describes you? (optional question)

  • I am/we are creatives, writers, or artists


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