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An exciting story that tells and teaches how big things come into impact.

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It’s wonderful, amazing and interesting to hear the story of an elephant getting inside the bottle. An elephant is one of the biggest animals in the world known. This story uses an animal as of the familiar object to tell and teach groups especially babies how great things known today come into impact. When a reader or listener hears the story will create an image and questions on how such big animal could get inside the bottle. In today’s life for example if we look at the history of computers, or good conserved environment, or people doing great in the world like business people we get something to learn. At one time I heard of a story of a witchcraft that used to exploit people by showing them a ripped mango put inside a bottle. I came to realize that he was one of the great scientist and innovator. Philadelphia is one the area with a free business environment, good environment, good healthcare and internet access. It is known that Philadelphia offers a unique setting for an eclectic mix of modern lifestyles, mingling both the edgy and the sophisticated. The history and art are pervasive in the city proper. Walking through downtown, you'll likely spot murals and mosaics coating the sides of industrial warehouses. Moreover culture is well-established as evidenced by the array of art galleries, music venues and theaters, as well as the nation's oldest art museum. All of these and many others have not been created at once.

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To see people investing more in today's opportunities for good of our tomorrow. To see everyone feel is responsible in creating better life of others in one way or another.

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A story of Lost Brothers

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Man and environment is like two sides of the coin. Man depends on environment and environment depends on man for its survival. “The Lost Brothers” is the book that shows and describes fully the importance of environment to man and the responsibility of everyone in protecting the environment. Like people Philadephia and many others alike who live in good preserved environment feel great and comfortable. We know, man need development and this development takes place on the environment we live. It is very important to know that good environment we have today has been created for decades and that is why we are able to use it comfortably. Man depends at each other, also depends at the environment. We need to think why we have thieves today, robberies, worshipers, good people, and bad people while we have all born in the same way and in the same method. This rises from when we are young (babies). Our future behaviors attributes, and life styles depends normally from the care we got from our caregivers. A good caregiver with a clear vision to her baby will do the best to ensure her/his baby reaches a target in the future. In some area people do not take care of their friends, their, environment. But it is true that we don’t live alone in this world, we don’t live outside the environment. So if we do the good to our brothers (man and environment) also will do the good for us in the future.

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United Republic of Tanzanaia

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Interesting title.
Just days to the announcement of the short list.
Good luck to us all.

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Thank you Dawnnbooks .  for your interest on my story title.

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Thank you Itika Gupta for your reminder my manuscript is now published.

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Hi Mahadi Rwebangira ,

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Thank you Lauren Ito  for your reminder it is now published.