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My little green window_v.2

A story about growing a plant from seed using basic concepts of colors and numbers.

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Grey, Red, Blue and Black,
Make my window look a bit sad.
Yellow sometimes makes it bright,
But Green is what I really like!

So I asked mama -
"How do I make my window turn green?"
"That's easy and fun too -", she said,
"will you sing along with me?" 

Pick 1 little pot,
Fill with 2 cups of soil,
Poke 3 inch holes,
Drop 4 little seeds,

Pick, Fill, Poke, Drop,
Sing along, count and hop!

Sprinkle 5 pinch soil on top,
Pour 6 little cups of water,
Count each day until 7,
Look for some green on 8,

Sprinkle, Pour, Count and Look
Sing along with this book

Let them grow, Let them grow,
Let them grow a little bit more,
And soon you will see,
Day 9 and 10 will have it all!

Talk, Kiss, Love and Sing,
To your little seedlings,
And soon you will see them have,
their own little saplings.

Mama said - "Oh what fun it is,
to grow, count and sing,
For happiness and the color green,
these little plants will surely bring!

Describe the intended vision for your early childhood book manuscript in 1-2 sentences

I visualize the book to be highly interactive and colorful with an actual window cut out (peek through) to navigate through the story and touch and feel elements such as seeds, soil, holes, and leaves.

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My Little Green Window

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My little window is grey when I see the road is red when I see houses and is blue and black when I see cars When the sun shines through it, it turns yellow But I like green, So I asked mama - "How do I make my window turn green?" Mama said - "Oh that's easy! Will you count with me?" Pick one little pot Fill in two cups of soil Poke holes about three inches deep Drop Four little Seeds Sprinkle Five pinches of soil on top Pour Six little cups of water Count each day until Seven On Day Eight, do you see some green? Oh yes, oh yes, just a tiny bit still On Day Nine, it grows some more Day Ten has it all! Every Now and Then, Mama and I count till ten And see my little window grow More and More each day Until through my window I see grey, red, blue, black, Yellow and my favorite Green.

How has this book been informed by early childhood language development research and evidence? (response minimum 250 Characters)

My son's first ever book that he loved right since he was a month old, was a book called Peek-a-who by Nina Laden. The peeking window instills curiosity of what comes next. The colors offer a way for the child to look out the window and identify colors that he/she sees outside and the numbers help with recalling a process. The book uses Tier 1 vocabulary and the action verbs help make reading using hand gestures (Pick, Poke, Fill, Pour, Drop, Sprinkle etc.) easy and promote fine motor skills.

How have you crafted this manuscript to resonate with and/or reflect the experiences of those living in urban contexts? (optional question)

Urban dwellers often do not have the space and resources to grow their own plants. This story not only teaches small steps of how to grow your own plants from seeds at home, but also introduces basic concepts of color and numbers. The little window acts as a visual cue to the child's first exposure to the outside world and how he can bring a little bit of nature into his own little world.

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Maple Valley

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I am a designer and storyteller. I have recently discovered my love for picture books as a new mom to a toddler who loves to read. I am constantly amazed at the variety of PBs out there and the number of topics they address. As a seasoned designer, a new parent and someone who cares deeply about community and environment related issues, I am at constant battle with myself to find ways I can educate and prepare my own child for the world we are living in. I have been involved with openideo for a long time (since 2011) and I truly appreciate all the work that's happening on this platform. As soon as I saw this challenge in my inbox, i jumped on it as something I would love to try my hands on. I am a writing enthusiast and writing for a children's book, in my opinion, is one of the biggest challenges I have come across.

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A layout that is appropiste for kids. Step by step. Simple and easy. Good job.

Photo of Anuja Singhal

Thank you, Perlina Murray :)

Photo of Perlina Murray

You most welcomed.

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