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MR Cat,Rat and Bat

This is meant to teach children on how to pronounce before they learn on how to write.

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Cold chilly morning,

Knock knock knock ,

Who is there?

Mr Cat,

Come in Mr Cat,

Knock knock knock ,

Who is there?

Mr Rat

Come in Mr Rat,

Knock knock knock,

Who is there?

Mr Bat,

Come in Mr Bat,

Why are you here?

Let me know,

Let me hear,

Tell me all,

I saw smoke, says Mr Cat,

Had no food, says Mr Rat,

Chilly outside, says Mr Bat, 

Sorry Mr Cat,

Sorry Mr Bat,

Sorry Mr Rat,

Let's all sit near the fire,

Let us eat,

Let us sing,

Let us play,

look at me a,a,a,a,

look at me  b,b,b,b,

look at me c,c,c,c,

look at me d,d,d,d

look at me e,e,e,e

Let all sing sing,


Mr Cat can we play,

oh Yes!

let's do coloring,

get your colors,




Mr Rat let us color

Let us match

We all shout 

a, b, c, d,

good bye rat,

good bye bat,

good bye cat,

The End!

Describe the intended vision for your early childhood book manuscript in 1-2 sentences

This is to help children develop their language skills through items and animals they interact with or are likely to interact with in their neighborhood and homes. During their interaction with them, they are more likely to remember what they learn in the book.

Share your suggested book title

Learning With Animals.

How has this book been informed by early childhood language development research and evidence? (response minimum 250 Characters)

Kids are more likely to interact with the animals mentioned, bat,cat and rat. These animals create a rhythm while being read loud. To add onto this, children are very imaginative especially of how animals talk. With this imagination, we take an opportunity to create a learning opportunity of their imagination especially when they see these animals, they remember what they learned in the book and through that we build on their language skills. Through research, especially in teaching children, the best way for them to learn is through what they interact with more often.

Location: Country

Nairobi, Kenya

Location: State or Department


Location: City


Tell us more about you / your team

I am a professional teacher based in Kenya. I am more specialized in teaching montessori children.

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  • I am/we are creatives, writers, or artists


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Photo of Itika Gupta

Hi rose micheni  welcome to the Challenge Community!
Very nice, short engaging story. Loved the rhythm and repetition of the story.
How can you evolve the story to teach caregivers some new and interesting tools for the caregiver to aid in the language and literacy development of the child?

Photo of Perlina Murray

I think there, should be replaced with; here.

Photo of Perlina Murray

Good. Take a look at the title again and make necessary corrections.

Photo of Perlina Murray

Nice. You should replace the word on: in the introduction with about. That way it read about how .. and not on how.... Also I think rhat you should include 0-3 years in rhe introduction, as it is in the guidelines.

Photo of Dawnnbooks .

I liked this.
It reminded me of the stories of Dr. Seuss and we know just how much kids like those stories!!!!
Nicely done.

Photo of Ashanti Antonio Prescott

Interesting Story line

Photo of rose micheni

Thank you.

Photo of Ashanti Antonio Prescott

you are welcome, hope you plan to extend on the length so the taste last longer