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Let's Go, MooMoo!

This book for kids ages 0-3 explores the excitement of traveling around the community and being with the people who help you learn and grow.

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“What will we see today? Let’s go, Moomoo!”

In the hallway, a little boy smiles, “Let’s play!”

You lift up into the air, “See you soon! Let’s go, Moomoo!” Together you go down the stairs and push the door open to the street.

Inside a new building we wait for the elevator… *Ding!* The doors open and the lights glow over the number 8. 

The doctor in the colorful room waves to you. She takes your temperature. An older woman says, “Thank you! Let’s go, Moomoo!”

The park is full of people! A young man with a bicycle hugs the older woman, “Are you ready, Moomoo?”

On the bike together we fly through the park. He lifts you into the air and into a new building, “Welcome back, let’s go, Moomoo!”

In the classroom, the teacher sits with the other children reading a book. We talk, and play, and learn together.

 “It’s time to go, Moomoo!” She holds you as we leave and sit at a bench. The man on the bus opens the door, “Let’s go, Moomoo!”

The bus weaves through the streets and honks it horn. *Ding!* The doors open again and together we step down on to the street. 

In the store we count tomatoes. “We need 3 for dinner, Moomoo!” The woman at the counter smiles and we leave and walk down the stairs. 

The train station is busy! The colors blur as the train moves to the next station. “Let’s go home, Moomoo!”

Describe the intended vision for your early childhood book manuscript in 1-2 sentences

Because the true context of family and community is different for every individual, "Let's Go, Moomoo!" aspires to blend a plethora of possibilities into a learning experience that has the ability to touch the lived experiences of almost any child. Because every page presents a new space and new characters who might represent a sibling, a parent, a friend, or some other type of caregiver, any child has the ability to relate or draw past or future experiences into their interpretation.

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Let's Go, Moomoo!

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At school or daycare, whatever that might look like, my teacher greets us with a hug or a high-five. We talk about our feelings and learn about each other as we play. Between snacks, recess, nap time, reading, and playing, a lot of the excitement of my day might happen here, so it's important that it is a warm place for happiness and growth.

How has this book been informed by early childhood language development research and evidence? (response minimum 250 Characters)

This book is intended to introduce different types of spaces influenced by different types of people who all play a role in a child's life and development. Having studied adverse childhood experiences, I hope that this book also sheds light on the value of positivity, human connection, health and nurturing that helps to build the foundational brain development for a healthy child.

Please describe any familiarity you may have with Philadelphia and its residents? (optional question)

While I have only visited Philadelphia and completed a conceptual architectural project within the city in graduate school for architecture, I live and work in New York City which I feel has a good amount of crossover in terms of diversity and a shared sense of urban experience. Residents of Philadelphia have their own versions of the elements described in this book, such as experiencing a subway system, a myriad of different cultures, and having the public streets and parks as a backyard. I would hope to tailor the images and nuances of the book to truly reflect the lives of children in Philadelphia, and I would appreciate any additional context to help shape what that might look like.

How have you crafted this manuscript to resonate with and/or reflect the experiences of those living in urban contexts? (optional question)

"Let's Go, Moomoo" attempts to reflect the urban context through the lens of a small child. The spaces depicted are spaces that one would encounter within an urban landscape. The people and sense of shared community I believe resonates with those who live every day in a city where everyday might present a new experience and discovery that is particularly unique to an urban context like Philadelphia.

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United States

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New York

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New York

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Tell us more about you / your team

My niece is a special needs child being raised by her single father (my brother). It is important for me to reflect an experience for a child like her who might not have a complete family in the traditional sense to not feel as if she is lacking in some way, and that anyone in her larger community could play an important role in her growth and development. For many parents in an urban setting, it might take a community to raise a child. Caregivers might be family friends or community leaders, they might not always look like you or speak all of the same languages. But to me, that it what makes an urban experience beautiful for children. As my niece from Florida described New York City during a visit, the city "is so different!" Having studied Adverse Childhood Experiences and the effects of toxic stress on a child's developing brain architecture, representing spaces and feelings of a shared community that might reflect safety and connection was an important factor to me.

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  • I am an architect and researcher


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Hi Jessica Elliott  Great to see you joining the Challenge! We noticed your submission is currently unpublished. Was this your intention? We'd love to have your submission included in the Challenge. You can publish it by hitting the "Publish" button at the top of your post. You can also update your post by clicking on the "Edit Contribution" on top. We're looking forward to seeing your submission in this challenge.

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Hi Itika, I'm still working on it before publishing! Thank you!

Photo of Ashanti Antonio Prescott

Nice story line, seems like it's a bittersweet theme you are portraying and as such you may want to explore some more happy punchlines.

Photo of Ashanti Antonio Prescott

hey, you may want to look at the pie chart for Jessica Elliott - while it shows three sections, her scores only shows two

Photo of Jessica Elliott

HI Ashanti, I'm not really sure what you mean by pie chart. Could you help me understand a little better? Thank you!

Photo of Jessica Elliott

Hi Ashanti, thanks for your comment! What makes you think that it's a bittersweet theme? I imagine the images would play a huge role in conveying a sense of movement, safety and happiness. Despite all of the changing characters, everyone is loving and kind. What would be sad about having more and more people who love and care about you? :) Let me know what you think.

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