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Good Morning Sun

A child greets her home and city as she gets ready for the day and travels with her caregiver through the city to daycare or preschool.

Photo of Laurel Moffatt

Written by

Good morning sun

Good morning sky

Good morning clouds

Whispering by

Good morning kitchen

Good morning sink

Good morning coffee

For Mom while she thinks

Good morning porridge

Good morning bowl

Good morning milk

In my mug that I hold

Good morning teeth

Good morning brush

Good morning soap

Good morning flush :)

Good morning socks

Good morning shirt

Good morning pants

With my favorite skirt


Good morning shoes

Good morning laces

Good morning feet

On their way to great places

Good morning book

Good morning sack

Good morning lunch

And a yummy snack

Good morning door

Good morning house

Good morning cat

And good morning mouse

Good morning flower

Good morning bee

Good morning bird

Singing high in the tree

Good morning car

Good morning train

Good morning sunshine

And good morning rain

Good morning bicycle

Good morning bus

Good morning people

All in a rush

Good morning work

Good morning play

Good morning school

On this brand new day

Good morning you

And good morning me

Good morning everyone

And everything that I see.

Describe the intended vision for your early childhood book manuscript in 1-2 sentences

My hope would this would be a story that a child could read over and over again, first with a carer, and then on their own. The illustrations would 'speak' to one another across the pages so that as the child grew more and more familiar with the story he or she would continue to find new things in the illustrations. Each page's illustration would hint at the next.

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Good Morning Sun

How has this book been informed by early childhood language development research and evidence? (response minimum 250 Characters)

When writing this book I had in mind the everyday rituals and practices that children engage in, especially those that are a part of getting ready to go out into the world. These small moments in the day offer so many opportunities for language development and vocabulary building. The words that children learn in the first years of their lives are ones are often connected to common objects in the home, the people they know and see, as well as things seen outside the home, whether in the worlds of nature or the city. The practice of naming things empowers children to make sense of their world in any environment. The child's world that I had in mind as I wrote the story was an urban one. Cities are places where the natural and built worlds meet and mingle, and as such are places that are rich for observation, language building and making sense of things.

How have you crafted this manuscript to resonate with and/or reflect the experiences of those living in urban contexts? (optional question)

This story was inspired by the experience of living in the middle of a busy city.

Location: Country

I live in Sydney, Australia.

Location: State or Department

New South Wales

Location: City


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I've been published in a couple of academic journals, as well as on my blog.

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Photo of Bonnie  Averbuch

Nice story, Laurel! I like the rhythm of the book and the way that the simple story with objects that the caregiver and child can point out throughout the day. It makes the story so much more than just a book to read! A few small suggestions:
"Good morning teeth
Good morning brush
Good morning soap
Good morning flush :)" - either change to and good morning flush like the other lines where the fourth line is still a good morning line or try something not good morning to keep with the format of the rest of the book.

Considering changing mug to cup - I don't think young kids drink out of mugs.

Maybe change pants to tights so it doesn't sound like the child is wearing a skirt over tights?

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