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Can You Moo?

My manuscript teaches colors, sounds and a find them illustration at the end.

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Describe the intended vision for your early childhood book manuscript in 1-2 sentences

Reading aloud with an adult, the child learns about colors and the sounds of animals in the city. I also want the illustrations to be bright, exciting and familiar for the child.

Share your suggested book title

Can You Moo?

PLEASE USE THE VERSION OF THIS QUESTION AT THE TOP OF THE SUBMISSION FORM: Share a draft of your manuscript (250 word limit, not including title).

Shaggy brown dog can you moo? No but I can bark! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (Illustration note: dog on a lease walking down a sidewalk in the city) Frisky orange cat can you bark? No but I can meow! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! (cat in an alley) Caged red bird can you meow? No but I can chirp! CHIRP! CHIRP! CHIRP! (bird in a cage in the window of a row house ) Busy yellow bee can you chirp? No but I can buzz! BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! (bee at a flower pot on stoop) Fluffy white duck can you buzz? No but I can quack! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! (duck in a pond in the park) Little blue pigeon can you quack? No but I can coo! COO! COO! COO! (pigeon on the top of a building) Hungry gray mouse can you coo? No but I can squeak! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! (mouse peaking out under the stair) Many people live in the city. Many animals live in the city too! They bark, meow, chirp, buzz, quack, coo and squeak. But they don’t MOO! (illustration of a city with animals for child to find them)

How has this book been informed by early childhood language development research and evidence? (response minimum 250 Characters)

From Early Childhood Development List: WATCHED::What Babies Think, The Beginning of Life, Learning Center for Learning and Development of Toddlers, UNICEF Early Development READ: Milestones of Early Literacy Development, Dear Mr. Rodgers: Does it Every Rain in Your Neighborhood?, Culture Matters LISTENED to portions of "Reading Aloud"

Please describe any familiarity you may have with Philadelphia and its residents? (optional question)

My only familiarity is in visiting Philadelphia many times. I have worked in several cities with a similiar "feel" and "look" the city. I am from a suburb of Washington, DC where I went to school and I lived and worked in Baltimore.

How have you crafted this manuscript to resonate with and/or reflect the experiences of those living in urban contexts? (optional question)

Yes. I have tried to craft my manuscript for a child living in the city. I've included illustrators notes so the editor can see my intent. Also I envision a 2 page spread at the end that shows a city where the animals live. The child can point out animals they see from the manuscript.

Location: Country

I live in Reston, Va, a suburb of Washington, DC.

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Location: City


Tell us more about you / your team

I am a retired graphic designer. I have written several biographies for children in the 6 to 8 year range but they have yet to be published. I enjoy writing for children and want to inform them of lesser known African Americans in my biographies. This is my first book for 0 to 3 year olds. I have also illustrated four children's books that were self-published by the author. I am also an award-winning fine artist and illustrator and former art teacher for 5 to 18 year at a private art school.

Provide an example visual identity for a look and feel you might like to achieve. ( (optional question, 3-5 visuals)

Multiple Choice - Have you been previously published (online, self-published, and print included)?

  • No

Do you have an agent?

  • Yes

How did you hear about the Challenge? (optional question)

  • On twitter

What best describes you? (optional question)

  • I am/we are creatives, writers, or artists


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Reading through the ideas, I came across another storyteller Dawnbooks who is also exploring the theme of children learning new things through animal stories . Connecting you two [ Ann Marie Williams and Dawnnbooks . ] to provide a couple lines of feedback to one another’s manuscript submissions.

Photo of Dawnnbooks .

Itika Gupta yes indeed I had seen this story. I even commented on it when I read it. It's a catchy story that children will adore as they not only make the sounds when the story is read but I suspect long after the story is read.

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