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Nerd Share

A service that allows the average joe to be able to go in the nearest coffee shop or local watering hole and get advice on their computer or electronic updates, so they don't have to buy new and can fix their electronics.

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I got this idea last weekend when talking with a friend. He noticed that my computer was really slow. I've actually been thinking of buying a new laptop because of this and other reasons. He mentioned that I should just buy more ram and a bigger hard drive and that he would help me install it. Instead of buying new and sending off the old one to sit in a landfill, I can just upgrade! I also know that car sharing is really popular in bigger cities like San Francisco, so I related the two.

This service would be a network of tech savvy individuals who would spend their free time in coffee shops or other areas to answer questions about e-waste and give information on recycling if in fact their computer can not be upgraded or fixed. At the first step, the specialist would examine the electronic device that they specialize in see what it needs to be fixed or ran better. They would inform the person of what they need. The person then would return later with the pieces and have the specialist fix the device. They could watch and learn how to upgrade the devices themselves. Perhaps they could become specialists themselves.

If the devices are not able to be fixed, the specialist could give the person info on recycling places.

How does your concept safeguard human health and protect our environment?

This will cut down on e-waste being sent to the landfill and to the recycling centers as well. It will open up the possibilities for all those who have an electric device that do not work well to save some money and fix the device while learning about good practices.

Where does your concept fit into the lifecycle of electronic devices?

The concept encourages consumers to change their purchase behavior by knowing that they don't need to buy something new every time and can upgrade their already owned devices. It also teaches them the process for e-waste recycle.

What steps could be taken today to start implementing your concept?

Start with the mission statement, business plan, and design. Think of how we can get our first network of specialists to help people.

What kinds of resources will be needed to fully implement and scale your concept?

We would want to raise money for advertisement. Perhaps we could partner with employees at tech help companies. We would want to connect with those at recology to get great literature for our specialists.

Evaluation results

8 evaluations so far

1. How much of a social or environmental impact will this concept have on discarded electronics or e-waste?

This concept could have significant social or environmental impact. - 50%

It's unclear how much social or environmental impact this concept will have. - 50%

This concept would have little social or environmental impact. - 0%

2. How well does this concept help you or others understand how electronic items are designed, built, reused, recycled or thrown away?

Very well: it makes the entire electronics life cycle easier to understand. - 25%

Pretty well: it could help people better understand the electronics life cycle but it needs more detail or information. - 75%

Not so well: it does not significantly help people better understand the electronics life cycle. - 0%

3. How appealing do you believe this concept would be to investors (businesses, banks, lenders, venture capitalists and others)?

Very appealing: this is an idea that investors would get excited about. - 12.5%

Potentially appealing: more work is needed to flesh out how the concept works, what it would cost and who would fund it. - 75%

Not so appealing: this does not seem like a concept that would get investors excited. - 12.5%

4. How challenging would it be to implement and scale this concept across geographies, cultures and languages? (Hint: think about resources like money, time, partnerships, or other inputs needed for implementation and scaling)

Not very challenging. - 25%

Somewhat challenging. - 62.5%

Very challenging. - 12.5%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world. - 37.5%

I liked it but preferred others. - 62.5%

It didn't get me overly excited. - 0%


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Great idea, there's plenty of devices that died overnight the moment new models appear. I think youngsters, typical the children of the baby boomers fails to realize how hard it is to make money and we shouldn't be wasting huge amounts of money to chase a trend.

Edmund Ng

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