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UpCycle: Repurposing the old for something entirely new

We take for granted that objects used for one purpose can latently hold other uses. This simple visual shows how a water bottle was repurposed with some augmentation to function entirely different than it's original use—giving it added value.

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A friend shared this with me as an example of a simple (re)innovation. Taking a plastic water bottle, modifying it just a little, and then using it for something entirely new: sealing open packages that require a tight closure. It's simple and pretty straight forward. Yet, I don't know if I would think that up given my set view of a water bottle. There are other examples of reusing plastic water bottles for other purposes, such as for lighting vessels and insulation for buildings. What if e-waste wasn't waist but perhaps recast for a different use?


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Talking about upcycling we should mention cradle to cradle: Braungart´s and McDonough vision or idea to mimic natures principle, that the waste of one organism is food for another, in industrial processes.
A key point is that re-cycling is not enough because it usually implies a inferior output product. (eg. brown recycling paper, tinted recycled glass... ) But instead the "waste" should be UPcycled - making a higher grade output product.

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