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More than just a logo--what are e-waste recycling really doing?

What's really going on with electronic recycling programs?

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It's no secret that people will try and make a profit out of anything. There are tons of companies and options for people looking to recycle their old laptops, monitors, phone etc., but how much do we know about these companies or how they go about recycling materials?

Many of these companies simply take the materials overseas to be dumped or to have people in developing countries root through these items for valuable metals, discarding the rest and contributing to significant environmental and negative health effects world-wide.  

Humanosphere did an interesting article on this, and a Seattle based company working against these fake- recycling organizations you can read the full story here.
More work needs to be done to ensure that recycled materials are actually being turned into new useful items that people can actually use and won't sit in a garbage heap in the developing world. 


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