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Make recycling easier wherever it's done!

All new electronics should be produced with a barcode (or other information device) on the device that provides information on the materials contained in the components. This information should be publicly accessible to allow for easier recycling.

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The introduction of barcode technology on medicines has been found to reduce the number of errors in medication administration in hospitals because staff are able to easily look up information on the medicine. Similarly, if all electronic devices had a label that could be used to look up info on the materials used to make the components, it would be much easier to safely and efficiently recycle the product -- whether it's done by the original manufacturer or by a third party recycler.

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What an excellent (and simple) idea. Not sure how simple it would be to implement, but it is simple in principle, especially as smartphones are more ubiquitous.

You could maybe add incentives for consumers to recycle their electronics based on the components of their electronics device.