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Swap Map & App

Website & App that allows people to load a photo & a brief description of discarded Electronics and other rubbish (e.g Furniture) to a map (e.g Google Maps) so that other people can locate and 'claim' it.

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  1. User1 Dumps Rubbish at the side of the road or notes rubbish at the side of the road
  2. User1 then uses a smartphone to take a photo and upload to SwapMap Website with a brief description e.g. Windows PC, 5 years old, still working
  3. The location is automatically added via GPS or if the user loads the details his home PC manually by selecting a point on the map.
  4. User2 starts the app and searches for rubbish nearby or by category - eg. Electronic goods, Green waste (e.g. discarded Christmas Trees)
  5. User2  'Claims' the item on the website.
  6. The item then disappears from the view but User2 can change his mind and unhide the object.
  7. User2 goes over and collects the item.
  8. If the item is not 'Claimed' within 10 days it is deleted from the website.
This Website could be part of a larger information site such as or The Hacker's Cookbook .

How does your concept safeguard human health and protect our environment?

Roadside rubbish can be identified and re-used before it is left out in the weather, possibly breaking down into the sewerage system.

Where does your concept fit into the lifecycle of electronic devices?

It encourages recycling and reuse with the advantage that the person who discards the waste has to make very little effort to recycle. Local Government, Charity Shops and commercial users can also use the app to locate goods to collect and recycle in larger volumes. Users may also add brand names which can be used to create a 'most dumped' top ten or similar publicity.

What steps could be taken today to start implementing your concept?

Develop a prototype "mock up" website via tools such as weebly

What kinds of resources will be needed to fully implement and scale your concept?

Website - Estimate $15 per month to host, the website would be developed to be Mobile phone 'friendly' or the concept could be developed as an app. Android apps are free to develop whilst Iphone apps have a licence fee of around $100 a year. Most of the tools for development are available using the Google maps api interface (free).


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Really great idea Leandra!
I imagine Melbourne councils are like Hobart ones with an annual clean-up routine just before Christmas and this would fit well with that. Councils could provide a link to the app/website when advertising their cleanup service. In fact the app/website could be extended a little by making 'electrical', 'electronic' and 'other' sections - making it a 'virtual flea market'.
There are some issues with safety but I guess appropriate disclaimers would be included.
For items like fridges and washing machines (which still strictly qualify as e-waste) our councils require doors and lids to be removed before placing out - using the app/website people could put up items 'intact' a few days early so if others are really keen they could collect early too.
Here it is noticeable that the second-hand dealers roam the streets during the 'clean-up' period, which is fine - but I would prefer to see any working item I want to dispose of go 'direct' to a good home.

Photo of Leandra J Gordon

Thanks Paul!
Some Melbourne councils have a Hard Rubbish Night but here (Elwood) people are meant to ring the council which is a good idea except that it is not well publicised. We have a lot of rental flats and the end result is a lot of stuff is left out on the street. I don't mind it so much - I've collected quite a bit over the years, but it's sad when I see a video recorder which would have probably have worked fine had someone got to it before the rain!

Photo of Paul Reader

Yes I agree.
Video recorders are considered passe with the advent of solid state but I still use one for the minimal TV coverage I need and they are actually good for live recording and audio.
We need to ring the council too and receive a booking - if you fail to book by the end of October they bypass you, even if its obvious there is something to collect.

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