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Low cost Stair climbing wheelchair

Our wheelchair utilizes a special suspension system that improves mobility significantly. Take wheelchair anywhere everywhere.

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What problem does your idea solve?

A manual wheelchair costs about 200$ while a simple electric wheelchair costs 3000$ and all terrain wheelchair costs 12000$, so we are targeting a low cost all terrain electric wheelchair to bridge the gap.Thousands of people are bedridden are forced within the periphery of their homes because they are disabled. Their dreams to have a normal life are all shattered the moment their mobility seizes.wheelchair fail miserably when it encounters an obstacles, staircase are a complete nightmare.

Explain your idea

Our device is a four wheel drive, six wheeled wheelchair for added stability and traction. It utilizes two electric dc motors powered by two 12 volts battery pack. The idea is to use a proven suspension mechanism in the front and rear wheels that assists wheelchair navigation in difficult terrain and staircase. Our product will be fully electric and driven by a joystick and can be used by people whose only one hand is functional. It contains a safety mechanism so that it will not topple while navigating rough terrain as well as stairs.

Who benefits?

physically challenged people above 14 years whose hands are functional will easily be able to operate this wheelchair. It will enable them the freedom of mobility to utilize their skills in various sectors be independent and live a life on self respect. Once fully charged the wheelchair can be operated for 3-4 hours.

How is your idea unique?

The suspension mechanism used is one of its kind not used in any wheelchair around the world and is currently patent pending in Nepal. The six wheel system accounts for extra stability and safety. The stair climbing mechanism is fully mechanical and doesn't need sensors to do its job which makes it reliable cheaper and easier for maintenance. The wheelchair can be manufactured with the parts of electric bikes and existing wheelchairs so maintenance and spare parts will be easily available.

Tell us more about you

we are a group of five engineers, four mechanical and one electronics from Nepal. we are still in phase of building more advanced prototypes before setting up the manufacturing firm or a business. we still need a business background person on our group if this project goes as per our plans. we have invested major portion and still open to sponsors to fund our prototype. Manish Aryal is the team leader and handles the team by himself.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

The effects of braking system and its reliability while descending from stairs remains the major challenges as it becomes too complex to simulate on CAD software's.

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Nepal

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for more than a year.

Organizational Status

  • We are a registered non-profit, charity, NGO, or community-based organization.

Idea Maturity

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests with prospective users to continue developing my idea.


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Manish Aryal This is very commendable idea. I use a wheelchair myself. And if this idea actually becomes a reality, this is help lot of people like me.

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email me if you want to support our campaign and make this idea a reality

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