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Destigmatize Psychosocial disability

A mobile based social media platform to Destigmatize psychosocial disability

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What problem does your idea solve?

Stigma associated with psychosocial issues effects mental health patients, caregivers direclty and the entire society indirectly.It is main reason why patients wont eat medicines prescribed by a psychiatirst , however,they would take the same medicines if it is prescribed by a non-psychiatric physician . Not taking treatment for mental disorders leads to suicide, poor relationships with society and these relationship affect the children of patient after they are gone .

Explain your idea

Stigma associated with psychosocial disability is different from other disability. Idea is related social media platform where patients, caregivers and doctors share their experiences related to stigma and how they overcome them. Stigma is multi level issue which need to be tackled at individual level , family level ,society level and legal level. Individuals need to share experiences on why they think stigma did not matter and why they took up medicine in spite of stigma and what happened to their life after treatment Families share how they accepted the illness and moved beyond stigma associated with it . What things gave them strength? Celebrities and media has a big role to play in changing perspective of the society . Celebrities share the message to destigmatize mental health issues and treat it as any other disease. For example- Prince harry shared his experience with depression after his mother Princess Diana died in car accident. Stephan fry shared his experiences with Bipolar disease,. it would be a platform where Celebrities and their families come forward and direct a message to society to destigmatize mental disorders In developing countries, laws are very weak or non-existential . People with disabilities are abused and called by different names. There should be strict laws on abuse of people with mental disabilities . There are reservations for people with physical disabilities , however, there is no provision for people with mental disabilitiy

Who benefits?

This would be beneficial to 1 Patients as they would be more willing to get treatment for their illness 2.their Families - 3. Society

How is your idea unique?

In developing countries like India , there is no such platform . WhiteSwan foundation does have videos on similar messages.This idea is different as it focuses on main problem. Stigma One of the main reasons people don't go to psychiatrists is due to stigma associated with it. On an average, a mental health patient takes two years to go to doctors. By the time, he consults doctor, he suffers repairable monetary , social and sometimes physical loss. On an average , a chronically ill person takes 8 years to stick to the treatment.

Tell us more about you

I am researcher working on social networks and social media . I have been a software developer and have done MBA and PHD. I would like to collaborate with research universities working on similar issue.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

I would like to know more about the frameworks related to stigma

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Burma
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Liberia
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Pakistan
  • Rwanda
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Tajikistan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Yemen
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for more than a year.

Organizational Status

  • Other

Idea Maturity

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it.


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