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Accessible Hotel App Finder

If you travel often and to new places regularly, its hard to find hotels that are friendly to people with accessibility issues

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What problem does your idea solve?

It helps people narrow down the options for hotels. It would be populated by people who use wheelchairs or have other accessibility issues. Sites like Trip Adviser or Yelp are usually more general.

Explain your idea

This would be an app that centralizes data on accessible travel accommodations. It would have pictures, information and reviews.

Who benefits?

The accessibility community and the travel industry. Both would benefit from happier customers.

How is your idea unique?

The idea is unique because it really streamlines how information is shared for a specific population. The accessibility community is not always as well supported as it should be.

Tell us more about you

I am an individual! I am just someone looking to find more resources for people who need them.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

I am sure other ideas like this exist in some capacity, but I want to make the Cadillac of apps/search functions.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • No, not yet.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for less than a year.

Organizational Status

  • Other

Idea Maturity

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it.


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Hi Heather, can you please have a look at my idea and see if you can support it and or provide some feedback that I might be able to incorporate into t to make it more feasible?

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