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Inclusive Education to Children with Autism Aging 5 – 18 Years in Tanzania

Autism children to be given chance in learning with other normal children can reduce limitation in other applicable adaptive skills

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What problem does your idea solve?

Autism children will no longer be stigmatized that much as will be able to acquire some adaptive skills to some extent including self direction , health and safety, social skills, communication and functional academic.

Explain your idea

inclusive education especially to children with autism might be a very big challenge to teachers in the classroom, but he or she should be well trained on how to handle such class with Autism children. There is some tips teachers can use when teaching an inclusive class with Autism which include the following :- teachers in the inclusive class session should use rapid - paced interactions to a student or pupils with autism, breaking the task into smaller steps and give directions verbally and in writing, give them more extra time to finish school work, teach them daily living skills for example going to toilet, wearing shoes, teach functional academics such as the use of money when teaching the concept of numbers, how to great and communicate with others ,how to play with others also the use of age appropriate curriculum, material and as many teaching aid as possible which is appropriate to their age, teaching normal children on how to interact with autism child without stigmatizing them and the teacher to make sure that there is no any kind of equipment in the class that can facilitate injuries. All of these tips can be done by use of scripted lesson plan and arranging more extra time to the children with Autism. Not only the use of scripted lesson plan and more extra time but also teachers should design activities that engage all students collectively both normal students or pupils and those with Autism.

Who benefits?

The children with Autism aging 5 -18 years meaning primary to secondary will benefit as the knowledge and skills acquired will reduce limitation in other applicable adaptive skills and other daily life skills .Also parents and the society in general will benefit Because their children will be acquiring some skills to control themselves and not being locked by fearing the early pregnancies and injuries, so fear will be eradicated and expect much to their children as there is some Autism child.

How is your idea unique?

Autism children has never been included in the normal learning especially in Tanzania and even in those special education they still facing stigmatization, so these children should be seen with another eyes by engage them in a normal learning which will paved the way to another social and adaptive skills .

Tell us more about you

Am Hawa Makuberi, 27 years of age holding a B.A Degree in sociology and a post graduate diploma in education and currently working as a teacher with Qudus seminary school in Bukoba municipality - Tanzania.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the idea?

Regarding the inclusion in education to child with Autism I don’t think if the Tanzania government can change the policy to include children with Autism in a normal learning. Will the parents unlock and allow their children to attend normal schooling?

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Tanzania

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for more than a year.

Organizational Status

  • We are not registered but plan to in the future.

Idea Maturity

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it.


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Inclusive education is to empower and bolster understudies, with in capacities or learning troubles, to acquire and pick up an instruction, and additionally capabilities. Whenever individuals (paying little heed to inability or not) are esteemed, tuned in to, supported and had confidence in, they have a superior possibility of accomplishing and be fruitful. By incorporating individuals with inabilities or learning troubles, beside an instruction or capabilities, they additionally pick up certainty, and a faith in themselves, they likewise increase social and correspondences aptitudes. The other youngsters in the classroom figure out how to be tolerating, steady and minding of individuals with uncommon requirements. They may likewise take in another method for speaking with the understudy, e.g gesture based communication. You could likewise bring up that, the understudy has, a help laborer/instructors associate, so the understudy with exceptional requirements won't be taking without end your consideration from whatever is left of the class. You could welcome the guardians to an evening tea, where they see the class in real life, where the understudies are for the most part interfacing in general, a play or craftsmanship is dependably a decent method for encouraging cooperation.

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Hawa, Have you develop a curriculum or plan for training teachers? It is clear you have a high level understanding of Autism. Where did you learn from?

I appreciate that you noted "scripted lesson plan," which work well with what teachers are used to using in their classrooms.

embraceKulture has done teacher training in Uganda for Autism. Some issues we have run into that you may encounter are that children with Autism require extra time. Teachers are often overwhelmed with too many students. In addition, testing cannot be modified and students with Autism were struggling with testing structure. We needed to not only train on teaching methods but also how to adapt curriculum and learning objectives to meet the need of all learners.

You should also consider the need to train head teachers and school inspectors.

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I like your idea but you should mark all countries in the list if you think it can be implemented in them... And additional pictures will help