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Escaping the captivity of bigotry

Conscientizing to make a difference

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What problem does your idea solve?

At times people do not leap to ideas and opportunities that are inherent in society mainly because they do not come forward to claim them. I believe people may be victims of their own making simply because they are aware of what potential they hold within. The challenge I would like to address is the disemination of information and opportunity to those challenged by disability. I would like to introduce people to opportunities that they would otherwise miss as a result of lack of information.

Explain your idea

Basically I would like to provide assistance by providing information and linking the disabled people with opportunities they may otherwise not be aware of. I have noticed that some disabled people are exposed to an environment that is deep rooted in prejudice that even if opportunities do exist they do not take them. Some have no access to information or even if they do, they do not take them seriously because of what society would have branded them as. The idea at hand is to try and change this perspective of life and allow for interaction with other people who may inspire others to achieve greater things. Put simply my aim is to provide necessary information and work towards achieving set goals in a bid to prove that disability does not mean inability.

Who benefits?

Beneficiaries of the idea will be all members of society. This will be achieved by including every person willing regardless of physical appearance. As observed there has been somewhat of a co relation between poverty and disability but if opportunities for disabled people are availed that would help solve the problem of dependence on able bodied people and all members of society will benefit.

How is your idea unique?

In my area i have noted that there is a gap in the provision of this initiative. Little or no information is circulated targeting disabled people and as a result opportunities can not be taken advantage of. Furthermore I aim to have a hands on approach of providing this initiatives by spreading information through media as well as other mediums of communication.

Tell us more about you

I am an individual and at time of pitching my idea i do not have a collaborator but i am currently searching for some. I am based in Harare Zimbabwe and i gained experience of this nature when i interacted with such groups from Chitungwiza Zimbabwe but the groups were not biased towards disability. I will be able to devote time initially part time during working days and full time during weekends with the aim that by six months i will be fully immersed in my initiatives.

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Zimbabwe

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for more than a year.

Organizational Status

  • Other

Idea Maturity

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it.


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Some of the participants in this year's edition of the festival include St. Giles Special, Jairos Jiri Southerton, Mutendi Brass Band, Copota School for the Blind, Mrewa Resource Unit for the Blind, Emerald Hill, Sahwira Crew, K.G.VI, Danhiko High School, Jairos Jiri Kadoma and ZIMCARE schools. We also expect to have individual artists like musician Adonia Macheza from Mberengwa, Given Tomu who paints pictures with his feet and mouth. Artist Liberty Shuro and a group of Japanese volunteers will conduct workshops for our children guests and participants.

I hope you already have ideas how we can work together. Your ideas are welcome. We hope to grow in skills breakthroughs for our constituency.

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