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Opt in - or you're out

We're in a herd - can we trust the Shepard(s)?

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This builds on an earlier concept 'human interfaced', which tackles the issue of trust in a system that we are reliant on, and poses the question 'in a world of 'free' services - who is working for whom?'. This depicts the reality of choice: if you don't opt IN - you are OUT. As technology unfolds, opting out may be equal to partial or total exclusion from aspects of infrastructure, society and services. Therefore, trust is an imperative that we must not expect but demand.

What have you learned through this sketching process? (1,000 characters)

Thanks for comments from others requesting 'more' phone slaves. Here you are! As my thought process has developed the 'why' keeps on appearing in my mind. Why do we not like data being captured? Why do we instinctively dislike face recognition? I think the implications must be made more apparent to all - especially as perception often often precedes policy.

Tell us more about you. (1,000 characters)

I am a concept designer who loves to create ideas that solve problems.

Why are you participating in this Challenge? (750 characters)

It seems a very complicated subject to understand, let alone convey - thus a challenge. Ubiquitous data and reliance on technology has big consequences which may be both positive and negative. I believe that individuals and groups need to understand the implication of digital security as it evolves and importantly to understand - not only how it can be gathered but what the value of it is to others. If you do not understand why your data is important to keep safe, then you will not defend it.


What is your experience with the field of cybersecurity?

  • I have never worked in cybersecurity before but am excited to learn more and get involved.

What best describes you?

  • I’m a professional visual creator freelancer.

How did you hear about this OpenIDEO Challenge?

  • OpenIDEO email / social media

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  • United Kingdom


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Thomas Grimer - The idea of anthropomorphising the technology to make "phones into people" puts the issue as more human and playful at the same time. I like that as it picks up on fun cartoon characters, like sports mascots or shopkins toys . Also the swarming works well in understanding the network follower effect. Also it reminds me of the browser animation of multiple cursors for NYT background :

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