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Hollywood Meets Learning: The Use of Simulated Virtual Reality to Depict Invisible Cybersecurity Phenomena

We use simulated VR to depict the invisible operations of network attacks, which we operationalize as Hollywood Meets Learning.

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I design immersive learning systems for use in education and training. I have a Ph.D. in information systems and am an assistant professor of computer science at The University of Texas at Tyler. I have two decades of industry experience as a corporate finance banker, a CFO and a co-founder of an e-learning company. See my blog for more.

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I have long considered how to theorize and validate the design of behavioral cybersecurity training that users of information systems find useful and that operators of such systems find effective in promoting behavioral compliance to an extent that permits more IT spending on efforts to counter advanced persistent threats. I agree that the visuals commonly used in cybersecurity education have limited usefulness because they violate the five principles you’ve articulated. But I claim that your challenge’s focus on visuals is too narrow. Yes, better visuals will help. But if they’re static, they won’t help much, unless they’re incorporated within a systems-based model of mobile messaging that we call “Hollywood Meets Learning."

Website(s) My blog contains posts that illustrate several visuals that I have designed, tested and deployed for training in behavioral cybersecurity.

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  • I have considerable experience and/or knowledge in the cybersecurity field.

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  • I’m a cybersecurity professional with an interest in visuals.

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  • In the news

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  • United States of America

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Hollywood Meets Learning: The Use of Simulated Virtual Reality to Depict Invisible Cybersecurity Phenomena

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Welcome to the challenge David Hull . Dima here, I am here to support you in the process. Since this is a Visual Challenge, how would you visualize this concept of immersion into a composition, into a visual that tells the story? How would you consider pushing your submission further?
For more inspiration, this resource might help:
I can’t wait to see how this progresses next, and don't forget to check out Hewlett's tip of the week on the brief page!