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Digital Fingerprint Mouse

Everything you 'touch' online leaves behind your digital fingerprint, who can access that, and how well are you protected?

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Sketch 1 (1,500 characters)

You as an individual are as unique as your fingerprint. And all that you put online leaves behind a digital fingerprint. Who out there is savvy enough to access it, mimic it, and use it to their advantage - and your detriment? Are you protected?

Sketch 2 (1,500 characters)

I wanted to show how big and important 'your' world seems, and how far away the rest of the world appears. While in reality, technology brings everything within instant reach, especially when you are not secure. An homage to Saul Steinberg's famous New Yorker cover seemed best to convey this idea.

What have you learned through this sketching process? (1,000 characters)

Abstract ideas are always difficult to translate visually, especially when several concepts are intertwined.

Tell us more about you. (1,000 characters)

I an a video editor with a background in filmmaking, but I find myself doing all kinds of graphic design. I like to tell stories, make people scratch their heads, and ponder things from different viewpoints. You can see a wide sampling of my work at:

Why are you participating in this Challenge? (750 characters)

A friend who works in cybersecurity brought this challenge to my attention. I immediately recognized the problem faced, and ideas started flashing through my mind.


What is your experience with the field of cybersecurity?

  • I have minimal experience and/or knowledge in the cybersecurity field.

What best describes you?

  • I’m a professional visual creator freelancer.

How did you hear about this OpenIDEO Challenge?

  • Someone in my network (word of mouth)

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Location: Country

  • United States of America

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CyberSecurity Fingerprint.jpg

A simple image of a fingerprint whose winding path leads to a computer mouse.


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Photo of Dima Boulad

Great concept!

Photo of Dennis Carson

Amazing work! Really creative and both hold true to fundamental security concepts!

Photo of DeletedUser


The image is very attractive and the design is clean, but I wonder if it would not make sense to do this in video, given your background. That could enable you to move the mouse between objects, leaving a digital fingerprint in its wake. The objects could represent places where one happens to browse. Just a thought, in case you are invited to participate in round 2.

As a fellow entrant, I invite you to visit my submission and let me know how you think it could be improved..

Best of luck.

John Messing

Photo of Goulven Guillard

I like both proposals. About sketch 2, an other possibility could be a digital world map of data flow, with "our little secret" as the flowing data passing through servers located in different countries, and dispatched at several endpoints.

Photo of Goulven Guillard

Dear Barry, I took the liberty to actually implement my suggestion (with due credits), see

Photo of DeletedUser


Fingerprinting is an incredibly important issue to address that most people aren't even aware of. In a society where every click you make on most platforms is tracked for advertising, navigating privacy is a bit of a mouse maze :D
Awesome job at creating a relatable and representative piece!