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The comic as a way to explain complex concepts of cybersecurity.

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Sketch 1 (1,500 characters)

The proposal is based on using the comic resource as a whole of humor to present concepts that are simple, easy to understand and clear to any type of reader. Generally these types of graphics are perfect for newspapers or publishers. The proposal presented are sketches in sequence of a story. It narrates the vulnerability of bank accounts and valuable information at the moment a hacker accesses resources that are public in the user's social networks or in other hacked databases. The value that this graphic proposal is to use humor and comic to expose complex concepts such as cybersecurity. The proposal is simple at the graphic level, however it can be refined and taken to a more finished digital art, be it vector or in bitmap.

What have you learned through this sketching process? (1,000 characters)

I used to see hackers as people with hoods, however through this contest I have better understood the different motivations of hackers and their purposes.

Tell us more about you. (1,000 characters)

I am a graphic designer and freelance digital illustrator. I love to tell stories through illustrations.

Why are you participating in this Challenge? (750 characters)

I love challenges. Each project has its intellectual difficulties and the cybersecurity issue is overwhelming. All people at this time should have basic knowledge of this topic. As an illustrator I feel able to help expose complex concepts in a simple and fun way for the general public.


What is your experience with the field of cybersecurity?

  • I have never worked in cybersecurity before but am excited to learn more and get involved.

What best describes you?

  • I’m a professional visual creator freelancer.

How did you hear about this OpenIDEO Challenge?

  • Someone in my network (word of mouth)

Location: City


Location: State / District


Location: Country

  • Spain

What opportunity areas are you covering with this final portfolio? (250 characters)

Hackers and Hacking, Surveillance, Digital Privacy + Encryption

Final Portfolio (1,500 characters)

In my work I wanted to use the resources of the comic to be able to narrate cybersecurity abtract concepts with a language of humor and comedy. This series of illustrations can be used in newspapers and magazines. They contain a very simple language (black and white illustrations) that are intended to be understandable to any audience. In the process of investigating the subject, I discovered that cybersecurity is not a problem of technology (personally I thought that internet security was a problem of lack of technology resources), from the ancient Romans, information and Military strategic plans maintained incredible value and keeping them safe was indispensable, and in the effort to save such information they created codes and encryption. In my illustrations I have tried to expose that the issue of privacy information and cybersecurity is a theme of humanity, of our instincts to protect ourselves and ensure a better future for ours. Who has the information has greater control and power of decision. On the other hand I also wanted to expose the concept that information has more value than money. Where we are, who we meet, what we say, what we think. Therefore, our privacy is a right and we as users of the technologies must be more informed in order to make wise use of them.

How would you summarize your final portfolio in 100 words or less? (650 characters)

As a graphic designer I used comic and humorous as a tool to explain complex concepts of cybersecurity to everybody. The topic of security and cybersecurity is a human need.

Briefly describe your imagined use case for the work in your portfolio. (250 characters)

This series of illustrations can be used in newspapers and magazines. They contain a very simple language (black and white illustrations) that are intended to be understandable to any audience.

What was the most useful feedback that you received? (1,000 characters)

The mentorship call was really important. I received the feedback that cybersecurity is in a constant change, and the visual reference of "spy vs spy" was really helpful to finalize the first portfolio entry.

How have your concepts evolved since the Ideas Phase? (1,000 characters)

At the beginning I Had a simple idea (the personal information can have more value than money). This new process let me to develop this idea and go further. I think the challenge in my first entry was, how to explain that cybersecurity is in constant evolution? Also I drew about, how we see the hackers? there are many kind of hacker and many motivation of what they do. Also I boarded surveillance and personal privacy and encriptation topic I definitely think that my graphic feet improved in an incredible way. I am very satisfied with the graphic results that I have achieved.

How have you been able to incorporate technical accuracy into your concepts? (1000 characters)

One challenge in the contest and in the creation of the whole portfolio illustration was "which is the message I would like to expose?". Every moment I was thinking about it, because it helps to take the right direction.

How do your concepts expand the conversation on cybersecurity? (1000 characters)

I think that anyone can see these illustrations and generate in them the desire to study, to investigate about cybersecurity and to have a broader awareness of the great implications and responsibilities as users of the technologies.

If you were provided with additional time and resources, are there additional ways that you’d wish to reimagine the visual language of cybersecurity? (1,000 characters)

I think it would be extraordinary to have the possibility of working in a team of editors, researchers and cybersecurity experts to develop a series of comics linked to this topic.

What resources did you find most helpful? (optional, 1,000 characters)

All the resources provided by the contest, such as internet references, videos, as well as mentorship call helped to have a whole vision of the meaning of cybersecurity. I congratulate and thank all of you (Open ideo, Hewllet Foundation, Chelsea and Michael Martelle) for the resources you have made available, since they were effective from my point of view.

Commitment to Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0)

  • Yes, I ensure that my portfolio is in compliance with CC BY 4.0.


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Very nice picture, a whole hard way to be successful, let's do more

Photo of Abrahma Tansini

I made my best to show this complex topic! I am really excited to participate on next contest. Thanks to write me.

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